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PfAL Connect

PfAL Connect

PfAL has been an inspiring forum to challenge myself and other enthusiastic young Africans to learn from each other.

PfAL Connect is a special initiative from the Programme for African Leadership. It fosters connections, amplifys opportunities, and increases support between the PfAL alumni network with the current PFAL cohort.

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The vision for PfAL Connect is one of unity; together we will create support mechanisms through encouragement from those who have already learned from their experiences. Through mentorship, training, and resource provision, PfAL Connect aims to be a springboard that gives PfAL students a head start on their journey beyond LSE. 

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Objectives of PfAL Connect

  • To provide a connecting point between PfAL alumni and current students.
  • To provide support, insight and guidance to current students across various fields.
  • To create networking opportunities for current students to meet established alumni in their various lines of work.
  • To create a mentoring framework between the past and present PfAL cohorts.
  • To foster sustainability and connection from one-cohort to the next.


Meet Firoz Lalji: Founder of PfAL

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