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PfAL Connect

PfAL Connect

PfAL has been an inspiring forum to challenge myself and other enthusiastic young Africans to learn from each other.

The Programme for African Leadership is an extra-curricular programme focused on leadership development and networking, available exclusively to graduate students of African nationality currently studying at the School.

PfAL Connect is a special initiative from the Programme for African Leadership aimed at fostering connection, amplifying opportunities and support between the LSE Africa alumni community and the PfAL alumni network with the current PFAL cohort.

LSE and PfAL alumni will be given the opportunity to provide support covering a wide range of interests such as career coaching, consultant projects, mentoring and professional guidance.  

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The vision for PfAL connect is one of unity; together we will create interconnected support mechanisms through encouragement from those who have already learned from their experiences. Through mentorship, training, networking and resource provision, PfAL connect aims to be a springboard that gives PfAL students a head start on their journey beyond LSE. 

PfAL Connect will consist of a series of networking events occurring at once in spring term and multiple times in the spring term. These events will be followed up with connections and mentoring between students and alumni.  Each session will be themed according to students' interests. 

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Inaugural PfAL Connect event:

Our inaugural PfAL event will focus on providing guidance and insights on career transitions. Alumni will share their experience and tips on how best to transition to careers within the UK, US and on the continent. Details are as follows:

Date: Thursday 27 April 2023 

Time: 4:00pm-5:00pm

Location: Online meeting - follow this link.

Objectives of PfAL Connect

  • To provide a connecting point between PfAL alumni and current students.
  • To provide support, insight and guidance to current students across various fields.
  • To create networking opportunities for current students to meet established alumni in their various lines of work.
  • To create a mentoring framework between the past and present PfAL cohorts.
  • To foster sustainability and connection from one-cohort to the next.


Meet Firoz Lalji: Founder of PfAL

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