PfAL 12

Presenting the 12th Programme for African Leadership cohort 


This is an alphabetical list to show the 12th cohort of the Firoz Lalji Institute for Africa's Programme for African Leadership. 

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Mahmud Abdullahi200 (1)

Mahmud Abdullahi 

Programme: MPP Public Policy 

Mahmud Abdullahi has a first degree in Political Science, and a decade of experience in telecoms, banking, and public service. He is passionate about transformative governance in Africa. 

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Tomisin Abioma200

Tomisin Abiona

Programme: MSc Social and Cultural Psychology

I am a Mixed Methods UX researcher that is passionate about building meaningful digital experiences that are designed with accessibility in mind. I have been fortunate enough to amass research experience across retail, education, and the automotive industry on digital products but currently work in fin-tech.

I love the art of storytelling and making research communication as engaging as possible. In my current degree, I am particularly interested in understanding tourist experiences and civic responsibilities of underrepresented groups towards more equitable governance.

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Nkechi Adeboye200

Nkechi Adeboye 

Programme: MSc Development Studies

Before joining LSE, Nkechi worked as a software engineer within the finance industry – following my undergraduate degree in Business Management and Economics.

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Chris Ajah

Programme: MSc Health Policy Planning and Financing

Chris is a Medical Doctor, Author and Public health professional with a focus on solving global health challenges through policy and innovation. 

An Alumnus of the West-African Institute of Public health and member of the young professionals in Public Health, he has spent most of his career developing health products and services for underserved communities using both traditional and technology driven methods. He is passionate about health equity and the attainment of Universal Health Coverage in Africa.

He currently serves as Co-director for the 2023 LSE Africa Summit, heading its Operations and Logistics.

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Folake Moremi Akano 200

Folake Moremi Akano 

Programme: MSc International Social and Public Policy

Folake is a Lawyer and development enthusiast. She is a graduate of Law from Nottingham Trent University, UK and was the host of Ladies Talking Business on Plus TV Africa.

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Elmer Aluge 

Programme: MSc Global Health Policy

With years of experience designing, implementing and evaluating health programs in Sub-saharan Africa, Elmer is focused on improving policy that enables disability and vulnerable population inclusion in development indices.

Elmer is a Co-Director of the 2023 LSE Africa Summit, heading up the Speakers & Content team. 

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Celina Auma200

Celine Auma  

Programme: MSc Gender, Policy and Inequalities

Celine has over 10 years experience advocating for the rights of children and women, particularly towards lobbying for systemic change that arise due to different inequalities that women face. The PFAL program is central towards enhancing my leadership potentials to become that great change marker to better my community and Africa.

Axel Beugre 200

Axel Beugre

Programme: MSc Development Studies (African Development Specialism)

Axel has recently graduated from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan with a first class degree in International Relations and Global Affairs. His interest in poverty alleviation measures in Sub-Saharan Africa, Black politics, social justice and human rights motivated him to enrol onto the Development Studies programme at LSE, focusing specifically on African Development.

With his knowledge and plethora of different experiences, he seeks to help his communities both in Ivory Coast and in Italy, where he’s from. 

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Michael Ekwomadu200

Michael Udoka Ekwomadu

Programme: MSc International Development Management

Michael holds an LLM in Intellectual Property and Maritime Law. His research interests focus on the strengthening of institutions and organizations for achieving international sustainability goals. Michael has worked as a management consultant providing both organizational development and change management service to both private and public sector organizations across several sectors (such as oil & gas, energy, agriculture, transport, and healthcare).

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Emmanuel Ewul 200

Emmanuel Ewul 

Programme: LLM Master of Laws

Emmanuel is passionate about positively impacting the socio-economic terrain of Ghana through his work as a lawyer. Emmanuel is a Chevening Scholar and holds an LLB Degree and QCL from KNUST and Ghana School of Law respectively. 

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Hafsat Garba200

Hafsat Musa Garba

Programme: LLM Master of Laws

Hafsat holds an LLB from the University of Kent and is a qualified lawyer in Nigeria. She has a few years of experience in litigation and is currently studying her LLM at the LSE. More importantly, she is a student of life who appreciates diversity and loves learning about other people and their culture (especially their food).



Eunice Asantewaa Hansen-Sackey 200

Eunice Asantewaa Hansen-Sackey

Programme: MSc in Development Management

Eunice is a trained Journalist and Corporate Communication specialist with over 12 years of experience occupying different roles in the NGO, International Development and PR consultancy space, Eunice's work has focused on advocating for disability inclusion, career mentorship, vocational skills training and climate awareness through storytelling and volunteering.

For her outstanding work in promoting Technical, Vocational Education and Training in Ghana, Eunice was awarded an Emerging African Leaders Fellowship by the Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance, University of Cape Town in 2018. Eunice is a proud Chevening Scholar. 

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Kolahta Asres Ioab200

Kolahta Asres Ioab 

Programme: MSc Health Policy, Planning and Financing

Kolahta Asres Ioab is originally from Eritrea and grew up in Sudan. After doing her BSc in “International Health Sciences” at Fulda University of Applied Sciences in Germany, she is pursuing an MSc in “Health Policy, Planning and Financing” at LSE and LSHTM. She is passionate about migrant mental health and strengthening health systems in LMICs.  

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Grace Karanja200

Grace Karanja 

Programme: MSc Health Policy, Planning and Financing

Grace is a registered nurse with 15 years of experience and is clinically competent in providing leadership in various clinical settings. She has briefly worked in Kenya as an outreach community nurse lead, gaining a wide range of skills and experience in working with communities, and leading health promotion/education activities in local communities.  She undertook her first Master's in Public Health and thereafter worked in Spinal and Rehabilitation at the National Spinal Injury Centre.

Grace's primary interest is to study how health policies enhance or limit gender equality in population health outcomes. She is also keen to explore the interplay of social, cultural, and political determinants of health and their role in the health of women and young girls.



Hope M Mutua

Programme: MSc Strategic Communications

Hope is a communications and project management professional with over 3 years of experience working in the social entrepreneurship and talent development sectors in Africa. Her mission is to disrupt and reimagine how African stories - especially those of women - are told to drive systemic and cultural transformation in our communities.

Hope is also the co-founder of That Glow Factor, a women-focused platform that aims to support young African women to design, launch and build thriving careers.

Elizabeth Mwambulukutu 200

Elizabeth Mwambulukutu 

Programme: MSc Media, Communication and Development

Prior to LSE, Elizabeth served as the East Africa Regional Communications Manager for WaterAid, an international NGO determined to accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 6) on clean water and sanitation for all.

She is driven by shaping Africa’s narrative through arts and cultural restoration, preservation, and promotion. She serves as a member of the Executive Committee for the Young and Emerging Leaders Project (YELP), an initiative of LéO Africa Institute; is a member of the African Women Leaders Network (AWLN) and a 2019 Mandela Washington Fellow. Previously, she served as the Vice Curator for the Global Shapers Community in Arusha, Tanzania. Elizabeth is a Chevening scholar. 

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Sekinah Oladosu 200

Sekinah Oladosu 

Programme: MSc International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies

Sekinah is particularly focused on the development and aid in the Global South, centering on African development, Poverty Alleviation and Women’s Rights.

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Sharon Osembo200

Sharon Osembo 

Programme: MSc Environment and Development 

Sharon is pursuing her MSc under the Standard Bank Africa Chairman’s Scholarship. Before LSE, she was a research assistant at LVCT health, an NGO based in Nairobi Kenya for 7 months. The NGO is mainly known for working towards ending new HIV infections in Kenya, although their projects expanded beyond those over years.

She was working under the ARISE Consortium that was working on enhancing accountability and improving health and wellbeing of people in Urban informal settlements. Prior to this, she graduated from Strathmore University, in Kenya with a Bachelor’s in Development Studies and Philosophy.

She believes that Development should be about changing for the better.

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Aloysious Tumusiime 200

Aloysious Tumusiime

Programme: MSc International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies

Aloysious is passionate about education and creating innovative workflow strategies for poverty alleviation. He is a storyteller who believes in impactful storytelling's power to inspire positive change in communities. He intends to pursue a career in development and humanitarianism.

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Ajiri Uzere 200

Ajiri Uzere

Programme: MSc Health and International Development

Ajiri recently graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Psychology. Her interest lay in the intersection of health, education, and international development, specifically related to the elimination of poverty cycles in Sub-Saharan Africa.Ajiri has previously interned with InterAction, Brookings Institution and Children's Prize Foundation. She was also a 2021 Rangel Scholar.

In addition to her focus on international development, Ajiri loves reading and adrenaline-inducing adventures. Finally, Ajiri is a proud Nigerian and loves to share her culture with those she encounters. 


Nadine Whelpton200

Nadine Whelpton

Programme: MSc International Development Management 

Nadine holds a BA in European Politics and Society. Her research interests focus on the importance of including the African experience in framing international sustainability goals.

She has been involved in sustainable marketing campaigns that draw attention to ‘sustainable’ practices which have life-threatening implications for African citizens (such as electronic waste dumping or cobalt-mining for battery powered vehicles) and has worked together with the NGOs TZIVA and Let’s Go Africa on educational development projects in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

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Nour El-Yacoubi200

Nour El-Yacoubi 

Programme: MSc Global Politics 

Nour joined LSE after completing a BA in Development Studies and Social Anthropology at SOAS, University of London. She has experience working in civil society organisations, research and consulting, particularly on gender and social inclusion issues in Morocco, where she is from. Nour is especially interested in how innovative public policies and digitalisation can foster the political empowerment of youth and women in Africa.

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