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Celebrating diversity: Programme for African Leadership success stories

I no longer see Africa as one homogenous geographical bloc but as a colourful continent of people who are strong and determined

The Programme for African Leadership equips students with the skills needed to excel after graduation, which is when the real journey starts. We look at the experiences and success of the PfAL students and alumni. 

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PfAL Spotlight 7th of March

Marie-Noelle's Brenthurst Foundation Podcast

Dedicated to fostering African leadership, Marie-Noelle (PfAL Alumni) has initiated The Brenthurst Foundation podcast, highlighting crucial issues and best practices. Featuring episodes with influential figures like Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Ian Khama, the platform amplifies diverse voices and encourages dialogue for continent-wide advancement. It promises valuable insights for alumni and the community. 

Lean Strategies For Managers Leading Teams To Purpose And Potential By Shamim K. Matovu 200x300

Shamim K. Matovu's book launch!

A PfAL graduate, Shamin, recently launched her book in the business and management category in Kampala, Uganda.The title of the book is "Lean Strategies For Managers: Leading Teams To Purpose And Potential".

Here is how to access the book:

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PfALer wins first place at the 2023 LSE Generate Startup Competition

Martin, won first place at the 2023 LSE Generate Startup Competition. He was the only current LSE student in the competition, as other contenders were alumni. Moreover, his organization was 1 of only 8 selected from over 100s of applications. 

He took the stage at Oxford to represent Brown Technology, his startup in Ghana and our beloved continent Africa. 

Congratulations Martin!

Dapo Oyewole 200 x 300

Dapo Oyewole-PfAL alum appointed as a Senior Special Assistant to the President in Nigeria

We are very pleased to share that Dapo Oyewole, PfAL 12 alum, was recently appointed as a Senior Special Assistant to the President in Nigeria. Dapo says "I promise to serve with diligence, more vigour and no less rigour, and as our national anthem demands:  with ‘heart and might’."

Download the Guide 

The Ultimate Chevening Guide 200 x 300

Chris Agape-PfAL alum releases The Ultimate Chevening Guide

Are you a prospective student seeking scholarship opportunities to come to the LSE? Applications for The Chevening scholarship are currently open for the 2024/2025 session for young leaders and change makers across the globe. To accelerate your journey, download this guide by Chris Agape  Ajah, current PFAL intern, Chevening scholar and graduate MSc Health Policy Planning and Financing. 

Download the Guide 

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Alumni Experience

“10 Years Later, PfAL Continues to Inspire My Development Career Path” – Ojok Okello

"Over the years since I left LSE, I have been trying to embody Firoz’s advice in many ways. For instance, in 2019, I founded Okere City, a rural futuristic development organization impacting the lives of 5,000 marginalized individuals in northern Uganda through the provision of educational, healthcare, and economic opportunities. The impactful work of the project has garnered attention and recognition, featuring prominently in international media platforms such as CNN, The Guardian, TEDx, Christian Science Monitor, and others".

Read Ojok Okello's full PfAL alumni experience here.


Zainab Haruna writes about her experience at LSE and learning to see Africa as a colourful continent of strong and determined people.

"Hallmark moments are like the beautiful photos which we save for the photo albums. They affect and define us so that from time to time, we are moved to take them out, to remember them and relive the wonderful memories. My acceptance into, and participation in the LSE Program for African Leadership, PfAL certainly deserves many pages in my memory album."

Read Zainab Haruna's full PfAL alumni experience here.


Aaron Kirunda, part of the inaugural PfAL cohort in 2012, discusses his experience at LSE and subsequent work developing children's literacy.

"After PFAL, I was determined to be part of the solution. I knew it was possible, and when I got back home I got two colleagues and we pooled our savings together and started a business, which has evolved into something else. It was not easy to start, but the feeling and desire to be part of the solution, to make my country better in my lifetime, was the driving factor more than anything else."

Read Aaron Kirunda's full PfAL alumni experience here.


Roberta Kisubi (PfAL 2020-21) and Matilda Mutanguha (PfAL 2019-20) reflect on PfAL mentorship programme and connecting across PfAL year groups.

"All in all, this was a fantastic opportunity to connect with and guide future leaders. The experience highlighted the importance of utilising networks to ensure that alumni and current students can learn from each other through an informal transmission of knowledge and psychosocial support, which is relevant to professional and academic development."

Read about the mentorship experience here.


Tips for new graduates

PfAL alumni Innocent Anguyo interviewed a recent LSE graduate with nearly forty years of professional experience in senior positions at a global company. Innocent asks him what lessons he has for other LSE graduates entering the workplace early in their career, what he would have done differently, and what he would do now in the current climate.

Read the interview by PfAL alumni Innocent Anguyo here.

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