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Publications by our public authority researchers

CPAID researchers produce peer-reviewed journal papers, monographs, edited collections and blog posts to disseminate their findings on public authority to the widest possible audience.

CPAID monographs and edited collections

Naomi book

Spiritual Contestations – The Violence of Peace in South Sudan

Dr Naomi Pendle

A fresh perspective on conflict and peace-making that highlights the cosmologies and invisible entities that state, society and religious authorities draw on to claim or reclaim legitimacy and control.



Contesting Moralities: Roma Identities, State and Kinship (2023)

Dr Iliana Sarafian 

Roma identities have often been presented in literature as collectively constructed and in opposition to those who are not Roma. Contesting Moralities challenges these preconceptions about Roma identification by disentangling the binaries between Roma and non-Roma, state and non-state, public and private.

State politics300

State Politics and Public Policy in Eastern Africa - A Comparative Perspective (2023)

Dr Gedion Onyango (eds)

The book advocates for a regionally-focused comparative approach across Africa, arguing that it provides a greater level of analysis than a complete continental study. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach, it covers numerous topics relating to politics, public policy, state and nation-building in Africa.


Routledge Handbook of Public Policy in Africa (2021)

Dr Gedion Onyango (eds)

'This is an extremely ambitious book dealing with the making and implementation of public policy in Africa over a long time in diverse countries, both in terms of historical heritage and contemporary political regimes.'
– P. Anyang' Nyong'o, Professor of Political Science, and The Governor, County Government of Kisumu, Kenya


Poverty and Development in the 21st Century (2021)

Professor Tim Allen & Professor Alan Thomas (eds)

'Essential reading for students of international development, policy-makers, and anyone thinking about the human condition in our interdependent, globalised world.'
– Kevin Watkins, Chief Executive, Save the Children UK 



Arbitrary States: Social Control and Modern Authoritarianism in Museveni's Uganda (2021)

Dr Rebecca Tapscott

‘This masterpiece is a must read for scholars of contemporary African politics.’ 
― Aili Mari Tripp, Wangari Maathai Professor of Political Science and Gender and Women's Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison


The "Third" United Nations: How a Knowledge Ecology Helps the UN Think (2021)

Tatiana Caryannis & Thomas G. Weiss

‘Unromantic and sometimes mischievous … an excellent handbook for researchers wondering how to get the UN to listen to their big ideas.’
― Richard Gowan, UN Director, International Crisis Group, World Politics Review


After Rape: Violence, Justice, and Social Harmony in Uganda (2019)

Dr Holly Porter

‘Porter combines incredible empirical depth with provocative insights on sex, violence, and justice that extend far beyond the Ugandan case to inform some of today's most pressing debates in politics, law, gender studies, and anthropology.'
― Phil Clark, Professor of International Politics, University of London 


Lawino's People: The Acholi of Uganda (2019)

Professor Tim Allen (ed.)

Lawino’s People could not have come at a better time when the Acholi people, recovering from the 20-year insurgency with its epicentre in Acoliland, are looking back in time to discover their precolonial and colonial cultural history.’
- Charles Okumu, Associate Professor, Gulu University 


The New pan-Africanism: Globalism and the Nation state in Africa (2019)

Michael Amoah

‘The book sets a scene for an important discussion on a much-needed alteration of political infrastructure of the African continent.’
– Thembisa Fakude, Al Jazeera Center for Studies  


Humanitarianism: A Dictionary of Concepts (2019)

Tim Allen, Anna Macdonald & Henry Radice (eds)

‘Humanitarian agencies have been subject to intense critical attention for over two decades now. With this volume’s vast expertise, comprehensive scope, and compelling presentation, perhaps this time they will listen!’
– Adam Branch, Director of the Centre of African Studies, University of Cambridge 

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