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CPAID Engagements

Your presence emphasises our shared commitment to shaping a future where Africa is not relegated to the footnotes of our discourse on development

In March, FLIA and CPAID Director, Professor Tim Allen participated in a weeklong visit to Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria as part of a delegation from the Firoz Lalji Institute for Africa and LSE’s Philanthropy and Global Engagement division.

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The trip featured a series of high-level engagements with Nigerian government representatives, including Vice President Kashim Shettima, as well as British Deputy High Commissioner Gill Lever OBE.

Following this the delegation met the Office of the Vice President of Nigeria. During the meeting, VP Shettima sought collaboration from CPAID and the Institute in the newly launched Presidential Initiative for Innovation, Policy Evaluation and Research (PIIPER).

The Vice President also commended the Institute "for their dedication to unravelling the intricacies of the political economy of Africa through their impactful contributions at the Firoz Lalji Institute for Africa", adding "Your presence today emphasises our shared commitment to shaping a future where Africa is not relegated to the footnotes of our discourse on development. The link between gown and town is one that we can't afford to sever because the repercussions are dire.”

At the opening of a special alumni event at the Envoy Hotel, Abuja, Professor Allen discussed the importance of CPAID’s research and the Institute’s rapid growth. The event was attended by over 100 LSE alums, members of Abuja’s diplomatic community, and policymakers.

In November 2023, CPAID Researcher Dr Eliza Ngutuku held a workshop with 21 Policy actors in Lira, Uganda to discuss the findings of her research, the role of grassroots actors in Addressing violence against children. The workshop was held in Lira University and attended by the district Development Officers, Child and Family Protection Unit Officers, Representatives from Civil Society, Probation officer and Elected District Officials. In attendance was also grassroots volunteers including members of Village health teams, Para social workers and cultural leaders.

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A key outcome of the meeting was the visibility gained by the volunteers, who were invited to become members of the quarterly district development meetings held by the government and development partners. There was also a commitment by the government to address some of the challenges these volunteers face as they work with NGOs.