About the Africa Engagement Programme

Key objectives and programme activities

The Africa Engagement Programme strengthens LSE’s connection to Africa by fostering relationships with African academic institutions, prospective employers, donors and alumni.

What is the Africa Engagement Programme?

The Africa Engagement Programme (AEP) at the Firoz Lalji Institute for Africa (FLIA) expands LSE’s commitment to Africa by developing partnerships with African public and private institutions, promoting African scholarship and increasing career opportunities for LSE students across the continent. By cultivating relationships with African academic institutions and researchers, employers, donors and alumni the programme aims to build an ecosystem of change-makers that will positively contribute to the evolution of LSE and of the African continent.


Programme objectives

  • Collaborate with African centres of academic excellence on research, curriculum delivery, development and teaching to foster ongoing discourse and debate on African issues. The programme will raise the profile of African voices and perspectives in global debates, particularly from scholars of African heritage and from African institutions.
  • Contribute to Africa’s economic and social development by enabling employers on the continent to recruit high quality and skilled LSE alumni. The programme will work with LSE graduates to identify the skills needed to be competitive in the African job market, creating avenues for their development through internships and engagement with potential employers.
  • Increase the impact of the FLIA’s work by garnering support from philanthropic, alumni and corporate sponsors connected to the continent.
  • Foster and support a powerful and diverse network of leaders on the continent who work to address African issues and contribute to increased collaboration and discussion across geographical boundaries.

Programme activities

Programme for African Leadership (PfAL) Forum

The Programme for African Leadership (PfAL) is a networking and skills development leadership programme, focused on bringing together bright and ambitious African students studying at the LSE to support their development into value-driven and effective leaders. Its biennial flagship PfAL Forum is a three-day conference taking place on the African continent which brings together PfAL alumni to strengthen and maintain the PfAL network. The Africa Engagement Programme works with PfAL to plan and implement the PfAL Forum and to facilitate the FLIA’s overall engagement with PfAL alumni.

African Research Fellowship Programme

The FLIA will soon launch the African Research Fellowship Programme, which will provide opportunities for junior researchers focused on Africa to build their research agenda while contributing to the FLIA’s larger research programme. By partnering with African academic institutions, we will work to support these researchers at the LSE and on the continent to facilitate knowledge exchange, enhance academic mobility and build local capacity.

African Employer Network

The African Employer Network provides opportunities for African employers to partner with LSE to assist them in their recruitment of talented and skilled individuals who will greatly contribute to their organisations. Working with LSE Careers and the LSE Alumni Office, this network will connect LSE graduates with African institutions through internships or employment opportunities in different industries.

AEP Career Transitions Lab

The AEP Career Transitions Lab is a 3-5 day workshop which addresses various topics connected to transitioning to life and work on the African continent. The lab targets 15-20 current African MSc students who intend to return to Africa following the completion of their degree at LSE, and invites industry experts from the continent to speak to students, facilitating discussions and providing advice for individuals looking to make an impact on the continent.

LSE Africa Summit

The LSE Africa Summit is an annual two-day conference held in the spring that brings together on LSE's campus African leaders and professionals to discuss issues facing the continent. The theme of the 7th LSE Africa Summit is Africa’s Decade: Now or Never and will focus on addressing issues such as digital innovation on the continent, climate change, African identity, African leadership and governance and African art. The Africa Engagement Programme will work to promote the Africa Summit and develop its partnerships for its continued support.

Donor Engagement

The Africa Engagement Programme is focused on collaborating with potential sponsors and donors who wish to support the initiatives and operations of the FLIA. As the FLIA continues to grow and expand its operations, it is an exciting time to be a part of the larger impact that our research, events, policy and wider outreach programmes have on the continent.


As we continue to expand our operations, we are constantly looking for new opportunities to collaborate with institutions that share our vision.

Please see our partnerships page for more information, and feel free to contact us if you have a potential partnership or collaboration you would like to propose. We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact Information

Fadil Elobeid

Africa Engagement Programme Manager | Firoz Lalji Institute for Africa

London School of Economics and Political Science 
Pethick-Lawrence House, 8th Floor | Firoz Lalji Centre for Africa
Houghton St. London, WC2A 2AE.

T: +44 (0)20 7955 7835
E: E.Elobeid@lse.ac.uk

For events Email: africa@lse.ac.uk