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Social Statistics

Anyone can make a theory or a claim about anything but the important thing is can you provide real world evidence to back up and support that claim and that really is where Statistics comes into its element

Research in Social Statistics is concerned with the development of statistical methods that can be used across the social sciences. Statisticians play an essential role in all aspects of social inquiry, including: study design; measurement; data linkage; development of statistical models that account for the complex structure of social data; model selection and assessment.

Members of the Social Statistics group have interest in statistical methods in each of these areas and regularly collaborate with social scientists whose questions motivate new lines of methodological research. We have experience in a range of social science disciplines, including demography, education, epidemiology, psychology and sociology, and psychology.

We have a MSc Statistics (Social Statistics) degree starting which aims to provide high-level training in the theory and application of modern statistical methods, with a focus on methods commonly used in the social sciences. Students will gain insights into the design and analysis of social science studies, including large and complex datasets, study the latest developments in statistics, and learn how to apply advanced methods to investigate social science questions. 

The programme will prepare graduates for work within the public sector, market research organisations and survey research organisations, or for further study.  There is a high demand for graduates with training in advanced statistical methods and an interest in social science applications.

See our MSc Statistics (Social Statistics) page for more information. 

Academic and research staff

Wicher Bergsma - Associate Professor

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Sara Geneletti - Associate Professor

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Kostas Kalogeropoulos - Associate Professor

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Jouni Kuha - Professor

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Irini Moustaki - Professor

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Fiona Steele - Professor

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Yunxiao Chen - Assistant Professor

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Research students

Camilo Cardenas-Hurtado

Contact details:, Room COL 5.02
Supervisor(s):Professor Irini Moustaki / Dr. Wicher Bergsma 

Sahoko Ishida

Research topic/title: Use of Gaussian Process in Spatial Analysis
Contact details:, Room COL 7.03
Supervisor(s): Dr. Wicher Bergsma / Dr Yunxiao Chen

Xinyi Liu

Research topic/title: 
Contact details: , Room COL 5.06
Supervisor(s): Dr Yunxiao Chen / Professor Irini Moustaki

Yan Lu

Research topic/title: Latent variable models, cheating detection, outlier detection
Contact details:, Room COL 5.02
Supervisor(s): Professor Irini Moustaki / Dr. Wicher Bergsma 

August Shen

Research topic/title:
Contact details:, Room COL 5.02
Supervisors: Dr. Wicher Bergsma  / Dr Kostas Kalogeropoulos

Tianlin Xu

Research topic/title: Deep generative models
Contact details:, Room COL 5.02
Supervisor(s): Dr. Wicher Bergsma  / Prof. Beatrice Acciaio