Probability in Finance and Insurance

The beauty of Statistics is that if you can take a large enough group of people, you can predict really well what the outcome will be overall

Our research in Probability in Finance and Insurance covers diverse aspects in quantitative modelling in finance, insurance, and risk management. Current areas include robust models on option pricing; model-uncertainty in decision making; valuation financial derivatives with exotic features; equilibrium with market constraints and informational asymmetry; optimal trading with micro-structure noise; insurance securitisation; contagion in financial and insurance markets; modelling energy, commodity markets and stochastic optimization and machine learning in finance.

Academic staff


Pauline Barrieu - Professor

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Eric New

Erik Baurdoux - Associate Professor

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Umut Cetin

Umut Cetin - Professor

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Angelos Dassios - Professor

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D Escobar 2021

Daniela Escobar - Assistant Professorial Lecturer

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Kostas Kardaras - Professor

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Gelly new

Gelly Mitrodima - Assistant Professorial Lecturer

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Andreas Søjmark

Andreas Søjmark - Assistant Professor

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Yufei Zhang

Yufei Zhang - Assistant Professor

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Research students