EuroCIM day conference - Day 3

2 July 2021

The theme of the day is Mixed topics in Causal Inference. This includes interference, econometrics, Bayesian approaches, fairness and more.

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About EuroCIM:

The EuroCIM 2021 conference will be held virtually this year. The organising committee has decided to spread the conference over several days to hopefully make participation easier and each day will have a theme and will be hosted by a different university or institute. 

The LSE's Department of Statistics will host the third day of the EuroCIM 2021 conference and the keynote speaker is Ingeborg Waernbaum from Uppsala University. 

The day is organised by our own Dr Sara Geneletti If you have any questions about this virtual event then please get in touch at  

Register for your place today! Places are free and all talks will be held during the daytime hours in Central Europe and will be broadcast live. Please note that no recordings will be made.

Confirmed speakers for Day 3 of the EuroCIM 2021 conference:

  • William Denault - Center of excellence for fertility and health, Norway
  • Juan Segura Buisan - UCL Centre for Global Health Economics, UK
  • Fiammetta Menchetti - University of Florence, Italy
  • Ingeborg Waernbaum - University of Uppsala, Sweden
  • Marica Valente - TH Zurich and DIW Berlin, Switzerland/Germany
  • Carlos Cinelli - UCLA, USA
  • Jack Bowden - University of Exeter, UK
  • Imke Mayer - Ecole des Hautes Sciences Sociales, France
  • Chan Park - University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA
  • Aaron Sarvet - Harvard University
  • Manjusha Kancharla  - University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA
  • Zach Branson - Carnegie Mellon University, USA
  • Emmett Kendall - North Carolina State University; University of Florida, USA