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Michealmas Term 2020

LIoyds of London Visit - Tuesday 5th November 2019

On Tuesday 5th November our students visited Lloyds of London with Dr Gelly Mitrodima this week. 

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Second year Undergraduate student Khumiso shared his experience at Lloyd's:

"I was thrilled to realise that LLOYDS is actually not an Insurance company but rather it is an Insurance Market. The story traces back to 1688 when Edward Lloyd open his coffee shop and this coffee shop was a stopping place for ship owners. Financiers in those days approached the ship owners to insure their ship and Edward Lloyd charged Rent to the insurers. That was the birth of LLOYDS!

I loved the Lutine Bell that is placed in the area where Brokers and Underwriters work. The story behind it is very amazing. There was a ship full of gold called The Lutine, which was insured at £1 million, 100 years before the Titanic. It sank and what was only recovered was the Bell!"



Bloomberg Visit - Thursday 7th November 2019 

On Thursday 7th November our students visited Bloomberg!

Two of our second year Undergraduate have kindly summarised their experience:

"I’ve had some experience using the terminal before visiting Bloomberg, but the impression I had visiting the headquarter itself is something truly unique. You get to see how every design detail in the building represent a part of Michael Bloomberg’s philosophy, and how Bloomberg is providing its data service to millions of finance professionals worldwide. Definitely worth going" - Carl Wei 

"Visiting Bloomberg was a fantastic eye-opener. From seeing its futuristic offices to sampling it’s extraordinary software, Bloomberg Terminal, it was an amazing experience"  - Dev Trivedy

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UG Film Night - Friday 8th November 2019

The UG Student Experience Ambassadors held an UG film night in the Leverhulme library on Friday 8th November, which included a varitey of pizza!

Film: The Man Who Knew Infinity