Researcher Q&As

Short interviews with early career researchers at LSE

Read about the research taking place in different departments across the School, how the PhD candidates feel being a part of LSE, and their advice for prospective students.

Martina Manara

Centre for Analysis of Risk & Regulation (CARR)


Jose A Bolanos

Jose is a Postdoctoral Research Officer at the Centre for Analysis of Risk & Regulation and studies how organisations tackle complex policy problems.

Read the Q&A with Jose A Bolanos

Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE)



Tammy Campbell

A British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow investigating inequalities faced by young children of special educational needs and disabilities (SENDs).

Read the Q&A with Tammy Campbell


Department of Anthropology

Anni Kajanus headshot

Anni Kajanus

A Leverhulme Early Career Fellow researching the dynamics of human cooperation, conflict and competition from a cognitive anthropological perspective.

Read the Q&A with Anni Kajanus

Yufei Zhou

Yufei Zhou

A PhD candidate investigating the changing human-dog ethics around Tibetan Mastiff breeding in China. Yufei won the PhD Academy prize in this year’s research competition.

Read the Q&A with Yufei Zhou

Jordan Vieira

Jordan Vieira 

A PhD candidate investigating social change on the Isle of Dogs.

Read the Q&A with Jordan Vieira

Meghan Rose_123x205

Meghan Rose Donnelly 

A PhD researcher candidate investigating the lives of Indonesian nuns.

Read the Q&A with Meghan Rose Donnelly

Nikita Simpson

Nikita Simpson 

A PhD student investigating mental distress from the perspective of the household.

Read the Q&A with Nikita Simpson

Anjana Bala 123 x 205

Anjana Bala 

An LSE Fellow epxloring experiences that psychiatry often labels as psychosis and schizophrenia. 

Read the Q&A with Anjana Bala

Department of Economics 


Maria Ventura 123x205

Maria Ventura 

A PhD student researching occupational choice and labour market outcomes. 

Read the Q&A with Maria Ventura



Tim Dobermann 123 x 205

Tim Dobermann

A PhD student researching climate change, energy and developing countries. 

Read the Q&A with Tim Dobermann

Azhar Hussain 123 x 205

Azhar Hussain 

A PhD student researching the impact of climate change and environmental externalities in developing countries.

Read the Q&A with Azhar Hussain 


Department of Economic History

Alka Raman

Alka Raman

A PhD candidate with the Department of Economic History, and winner of the 2019 LSE Festival poster prize for her work on the impact of Indian textiles on the early British cotton industry.

Read the Q&A with Alka Raman

Felix Schaff

Felix S.F Schaff

A PhD candidate with the Department of Economic History researching historical wealth inequality in Europe

Read the Q&A with Felix S.F. Schaff

Stefania Galli

Dr Stefania Galli

A researcher in the Department of Economic History exploring the relationship between institutions and inequality. 

Read the Q&A with Dr Stefania Galli

Guillaume Yon

Guillaume Yon

A PhD student in the Department of Economic History researching the so-called "Golden Age" of economic growth in France. 

Read the Q&A with Guillaume Yon

Department of Gender Studies


Emma Spruce

A Teaching Fellow with the Department of Gender Studies.

Read the Q&A with Emma Spruce


Jacob Breslow

A Teaching Fellow with the Department of Gender Studies.

Read the Q&A with Jacob Breslow


Alanah Mortlock

A PhD candidate researching contemporary debates surrounding the concept of "transracialism".

Read the Q&A with Alanah Mortlock

Hasret 123 x 205

 Hasret Cetinkaya 

A Postdoctoral researcher on rights-claiming and rights-making in the Kurdish led Administration of North and East Syria (AANES). 

Read the Q&A with Hasret Cetinkaya

Niharika 123 x 205

Niharika Pandit 

A Fellow examining coloniality, occupation and anticolonial feminist possibilities. 

Read the Q&A with Niharika Pandit 


Milo Miller 123 x 205

Milo Miller 

A Fellow exploring the histories of squatting in Brixton. 

Read the Q&A with Milo Miller

Department of Geography and Environment

A headshot of Cong Peng

Cong Peng

A PhD candidate researching urban economics and policy.

Read the Q&A with Cong Peng

A headshot of LSE researcher Do Young Oh

Do Young Oh

A PhD candidate studying the historical relationship between universities and the urbanisation process in East Asia, from colonial times to the current era. 

Read the Q&A with Do Young Oh


Eduardo Ibarra-Olilvio

A PhD candidate investigating regional competitiveness, productivity and development in Mexico.

Read the Q&A with Eduardo Ibarra-Olilvio


Martina Manara

A PhD candidate investigating property rights in Tanzania. 

Read the Q&A with Martina Manara

Jeanne Firth

Jeanne Firth

A PhD candidate investigating food systems and the humanitarian aid work undertaken by celebrity chefs in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.

Read the Q&A With Jeanne Firth


Sandro Provenzano

A PhD candidate investigating the impact of mineral mine openings on local economic development and urbanisation in Africa.

Read the Q&A With Sandro Provenzano

Pia Andres 123 x 205

Pia Andres

A research student investigating international trade and competitiveness in clean and dirty technology. 

Read the Q&A with Pia Andres

Mook Bangalore 123 x 205

Mook Bangalore

A PhD candidate investigating how people across the Global South respond to environmental changes. 

Read the Q&A with Mook Bangalore 


AnaDeMenezes 123 x 205

Ana De Menezes 

A PhD researcher investigating the increased risk of mosquito-borne diseases as temperatures rise. 

Read the Q&A with Ana De Menezes

Martin 123 x 205

Martin Munene

A PhD candidate researching transboundary climate risks. 

Read the Q&A with Martin Munene

Department of Government

McDonald Lewanika LSE Research

McDonald Lewanika

Doctoral researcher focusing on the politics and development of the African state.

Read the Q&A with McDonald Lewanika


Fergus Green

PhD researcher looking into the repurcussions of policy change.

Read the Q&A with Fergus Green

Sandra Obradovic

Sandra Obradovic

(Postdoctoral) LSE Fellow and Associate Researcher of the Electoral Psychology Observatory studying the nature of group identities and the impact this has on public opinion towards political change.

Read the Q&A with Sandra Obradovic

Ariel Perkins

Ariel Perkins

PhD researcher looking into citizen militias in the US. 

Read the Q&A with Ariel Perkins

Julia Leschke

Julia Leschke

PhD researcher investigating populism in political texts.

Read the Q&A with Julia Leschke

Temi Ogunye

Temi Ogunye

PhD researcher exploring the themes of injustice, activism, and resistance.

Read the Q&A with Temi Ogunye

Diego Sazo 123 x 205

Diego Sazo

PhD researcher exploring collective violence in contemporary Latin America. 

Read the Q&A with Diego Sazo

Stephanie Wanga 123 x 205

Stephanie Wanga 

PhD student exploring the history of statehood in East Africa.

Read the Q&A with Stephanie Wanga 

Nick Lewis 123 x 205

Nick Lewis 

PhD student researching the effects of social media on political discussion. 

Read the Q&A with Nick Lewis 

Department of Health Policy

Genevieve Jeffrey

Genevieve Jeffrey

A PhD candidate studying the impact of social policy on health outcomes across generations.

Read the Q&A with Genevieve Jeffrey


Camille Bou

A PhD candidate exploring how household context shapes the lives of young informal carers.

Read the Q&A with Camille Bou

Department of International Development

Max Gallien LSE researcher

Max Gallien

PhD student researching informal economies in the Middle East and North Africa.

Read the Q&A with Max Gallien

Chiara Chiavaroli 123 x 205

Chiara Chiavaroli

PhD student researching the gendered dimensions of toxic contamination in coca farming and gold mining in Colombia. 

Read the Q&A with Chiara Chiavaroli

Gijs Van Selm Photo 123 x 205

Gijs Marijn van Selm

PhD student researching the localisation of humanitarian aid in complex emergencies. 

Read the Q&A with Gijs Marijn van Selm

Department of International History

Molly Avery

Molly Avery

PhD student researching Latin American History.

Read the Q&A with Molly Avery


Department of International Relations

jemima ackah-arthur

Jemima Ackah-Arthur

PhD student researching the ways governments respond to armed groups.

Read the Q&A with Jemima Ackah-Arthur

Ida Danewid | Research student at LSE

Ida Danewid

PhD student researching global solidarity and colonial patterns.

Read the Q&A with Ida Danewid

Nicola Degli Esposti

Nicola Degli Esposti

Investigating the politics and political economy of the Kurdish national movement.

Read the Q&A with Nicola Degli Esposti

Carlotta Clivio

Carlotta Clivio

PhD student researching Chinese leadership’s involvement in global climate governance structures.

Read the Q&A with Carlotta Clivio

Alireza Shams Lahijani

Alireza Shams Lahijani

PhD student investigating Iranian representations and conceptions of Europe.

Read the Q&A with Alireza Shams Lahijani


Jacklyn Majnemer

PhD student investigating why states renege on commitments within institutionalised alliances

Read the Q&A with Jacklyn Majnemer

Department of Law

A headshot of Sroyon Mukherjee

Sroyon Mukherjee

PhD candidate researching the legal cases involving environmental valuation.

Read the Q&A with Sroyon Mukherjee

Department of Management

Atta Addo headshot | LSE researcher

Atta Addo

PhD candidate researching Information Technology in developing countries.

Read the Q&A with Atta Addo

Esther Canonico headshot

Esther Canonico

LSE Fellow researching the effectiveness of flexible working practices and work-life balance.

Read the Q&A with Esther Canonico

Anulekha Nandi

Anulekha Nandi

PhD student researching digital innovation processes for humanitarian action. 

Read the Q&A with Anulekha Nandi

Department of Mathematics 

nora frankl headshot | Researcher at LSE

Nόra Frankl

PhD candidate studying discrete geometry.

Read the Q&A with Nόra Frankl

Raymond Pang

Raymond Pang

PhD candidate studying financial networks.

Read the Q&A with Raymond Pang

Franziska Eberle 123 x 205

Franziska Eberle

Research officer studying combinatorial optimisation 

Read the Q&A with Franziska Eberle 

Bento 123 x 205

Bento Natura 

PhD candidate studying the Theory of optimisation

Read the Q&A with Bento Natura

Department of Media and Communications

Svetlana Smirnova | LSE research

Svetlana Smirnova

PhD candidate investigating data tracking.

Read the Q&A with Svetlana Smirnova


Zoë Glatt

PhD candidate investigating professional YouTube content creators 

Read the Q&A with Zoë Glatt


Gianfranco Polizzi

PhD candidate investigating how digital literacy and civic, political engagement shape one another.

Read the Q&A with Gianfranco Polizzi

Rob Sharp

Rob Sharp

PhD researcher investigating the relationship between asylum seekers and the mainstream.

Read the Q&A with Rob Sharp

Rodrigo Munoz-Gonzalez

Rodrigo Munoz-Gonzalez

PhD candidate investigating why young people engage with nostalgic narratives of the past

Read the Q&A with Rodrigo Munoz-Gonzalez

Louise Dias 123 x 205

Louise Marie Hurel S. Dias

PhD candidate investigating the nexus between security and technology

Read the Q&A with Louise Marie Hurel S. Dias


Vashan Brown 123 x 205

Vashan Brown 

PhD candidate researching news production in Jamaica

Read the Q&A with Vashan Brown 

Joe-Ann Chavry 123 x 205

Joe-Ann Chavry

PhD candidate researching how black creole women in Mauritius constitute a sense-of-self

Read the Q&A with Joe-Ann Chavry

Department of Philosophy, Logic, and Scientific Method 

A headshot of LSE research candidate Joe Roussos

Joe Roussos

A PhD candidate researching how policymakers can make decisions in the face of highly uncertain science.

Read the Q&A with Joe

A headshot of Chloe de Canson

Chloé de Canson

PhD student researching the philosophy of language.

Read the Q&A with Chloé

Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science

Celestin Okoroji  headshot

Celestin Okoroji

PhD candidate researching ideas about unemployed benefit claimants and effects on their self-esteem and wellbeing.

Read the Q&A with Celestin Okoroji

Headshot of Laura Kudrna | LSE researcher

Laura Kudrna

Research officer investigating the relationship between money and happiness. 

Read the Q&A with Laura Kudrna

Maxi Heitmayer

Maxi Heitmayer 

PhD candidate investigating smartphone use and smartphone addiction.

Read the Q&A with Maxi Heitmayer

Benno Guenther

Benno Guenther 

PhD candidate investigating risk taking in high-stake contexts.

Read the Q&A with Benno Guenther

Daniele 123 x 205

Daniele Pollicino

PhD candidate investigating sustainable food consumption. 

Read the Q&A with Daniele Pollicino

Alexandra Kirienko 123x205

Alexandra Kirienko

PhD candidate researching employee wellbeing and hybrid working 

Read the Q&A with Alexandra Kirienko

Atrina Oraee 123 x 205

Atrina Oraee 

PhD candidate researching decision-making and climate change

Read the Q&A with Atrina Oraee

anandita 123 x 205

Anandita Sabherwal

PhD candidate researching collective action on climate change

Read the Q&A with Anandita Sabherwal


Nils Mallock 123 x 205

Nils Mallock 

PhD candidate researching participation in political protest

Read the Q&A with Nils Mallock


Heidi3 123 x 205

Heidi Zamzow 

PhD student researching how we can apply behavioural insights to facilitate more sustainable diets. 

Read the Q&A with Heidi Zamzow 


Department of Social Policy

A headshot of Kate Laffan | LSE researcher

Kate Laffan

PhD candidate studying the reciprocal relationship between human wellbeing and the natural environment. 

Read the Q&A with Kate Laffan

A headshot of Miranda Bevan | LSE researcher

Miranda Bevan

PhD candidate researching children’s experience of being detained in police custody after arrest.

Read the Q&A with Miranda Bevan

Fiona Gogescu

Fiona Gogescu

PhD Candidate and ambassador for CIVICA investigating the links between education and meritocracy. 

Read the Q&A with Fiona Gogescu

Department of Sociology

A headshot of Haneen Naamneh

Haneen Naamneh

PhD candidate researching how the Palestinian community in Jerusalem experienced transformation following the Israeli occupation.

Read the Q&A with Haneen Naamneh

A headshot of Kristina Kolbe

Kristina Kolbe

Researching contemporary forms of music production in Berlin.

Read the Q&A with Kristina Kolbe

Gaby Harris 123 x 205

Gaby Harris 

Researching consumer culture and social class

Read the Q&A with Gaby Harris 


Johannes Hollenhorst 123 x 205

Johannes Hollenhorst

Researching hydrogen and the transition to net zero. 

Read the Q&A with Johannes Hollenhorst

Baljit Kaur(2) 123 x 205

 Baljit Kaur

Researching young women music creatives and violence in East London.

Read the Q&A with Baljit Kaur 


Department of Statistics

Researcher profile Yajing Zhu headshot | Researcher at LSE

Yajing Zhu

PhD candidate studying the effects of childhood socioeconomic circumstances on adults’ mental and physical health.

Read the Q&A with Yajing Zhu

European Institute


Marta Lorimer

PhD candidate with the European Institute studying identity in the far-right.

Read the Q&A with Marta Lorimer

Toon Van Overbeke

Toon Van Overbeke

PhD candidate with the European Institute studying approaches to automation in different political environments.

Read the Q&A with Toon Van Overbeke

Julian Göpffarth

Julian Göpffarth

PhD candidate with the European Institute studying the role and drivers of intellectual support for far right populism in Germany.

Read the Q&A with Julian

Diane Bolet

Diane Bolet

PhD candidate with the European Institute explaining the rise of the radical right in Europe.

Read the Q&A with Diane


Virginia Crespi de Valldaura

PhD candidate with the European Institute researching the role of the French and Spanish Socialist parties in building the Single Market and Economic and Monetary Union in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Read the Q&A with Virginia

Sarah Gerwens

Sarah Gerwens

PhD candidate with the European Institute exploring how people speak about race in a supposedly post-race society.

Read the Q&A with Sarah

Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment


Greer Gosnell

Teaching Fellow in the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment.

Read the Q&A with Greer Gosnell

Michal Nachmany headshote

Michal Nachmany

Policy officer in the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment.

Read the Q&A with Michal Nachmany


Anomitro Chatterjee

Research officer in the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment.

Read the Q&A with Anomitro Chatterjee


Gregor Singer

Research officer in the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment.

Read the Q&A with Gregor Singer

Sara Mehryar

Sara Mehryar

PhD student in the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment.

Read the Q&A with Sara Mehryar

FranciscoPhoto_V2 123 x 205

Francisco de Melo Virissimo

Research Fellow investigating the interface between mathematics and earth science. 

Read the Q&A with Francisco de Melo Virissimo

Latin America and Caribbean Centre


Megan Ryburn

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at LSE's Latin America and Caribbean Centre

Read the Q&A with Megan Ryburn

Religion and Global Society Research Unit


Manmit Bhambra Headshot 123x205

Dr Manmit Bhambra

Research Officer at LSE's Religion and Global Society Research Unit

Read the Q&A with Dr Manmit Bhambra