Putting Students 1st

The Department of Mathematics is committed to putting students first so that their time at LSE is the best it can be. Here are some actions we've taken in 2017-18.

See also "You said. We did" for our responses to student feedback in 2016-17. You can see the School's Part of LSE webpage.

More events

We have organised events such as UG and MSc Christmas, Easter and End of Term parties. MSc boat party, coffee mornings and pizza lunches to provide opportunities for students and staff to socialise.

More subjects at the Maths Support Centre 

We have extended the provision of the Maths Support Centre by offering support for MA203 and MA212 as well as the existing 1st year Mathematics courses.

Enhanced feedback

We have enhanced formative feedback by increasing the time teachers have to mark students’ homework. Additionally, some UG courses now provide “mini mock” mid-term exams.

First Year Seminar Series

We have developed a First Year Seminar Series which focuses on professional and personal development for our students in their first year of studies.

Diversified assessment

We have diversified formats of summative assessments for MA231 (group work), MA310 and MA313 (oral assessment).

Feedback from students

We have held a pizza lunch with 3rd year UGs and their advisors to give students an informal opportunity to share views.