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Maths Support Centre

Very helpful and provided assistance on a question I was struggling with.
Prof was really welcoming, even though I probably asked what were really basic questions.
Helpful advisors willing to go the extra mile.

The Maths Support Centre has been set up to help students studying for their first year courses, and some second year courses. It does this by bringing these subjects, and their teachers, outside of the classroom to offer a space where they can get direct support and which also offers space to study (room permitting). Any student from the School is able to drop in to COL.2.01 and ask questions on their first year mathematics subjects, whether they are current students or are in need of review.

Watch the video below to find out more about the Maths Support Centre from one of our students.


Hear from one of our class teachers for more information on the Maths Support Centre.

When is the Centre open?

Monday to Friday between 2-4pm

Autumn Term and Winter Term weeks 2-11, and Spring Term in the weeks prior to examinations for the courses supported.

Where is the Support Centre?

In COL.2.01, which is on the 2nd floor of Columbia House. It is also the Undergraduate Study Room.

What courses will Support Centre teachers help with?

MA100 Mathematical Methods

MA102 Mathematical Proof and Analysis

MA103 Introduction to Abstract Mathematics

MA107 Quantitative Methods (Mathematics)

MA108 Methods in Calculus and Linear Algebra

MA203 Real Analysis 

MA207 Further Quantitative Methods

MA212 Further Mathematical Methods

MA222 Further Mathematical Methods (Linear Algebra)

Who can go to the Centre? 

Any LSE student who is taking, or has taken, any of the supported courses can drop in and ask questions about these courses. You might be a current student on one of these courses, or you might be taking another, more advanced, course and you need to review aspects of the mathematics you studied previously.

What sort of questions can I ask?

You can ask anything related to the content of the course supported by the Centre. It could be questions about the lectures, something in the notes or textbooks, a question from your homework or any other question you encounter when studying those courses.

The Support Centre is there to answer individual questions, or in small groups. It does not offer general taught sessions or revision sessions.

Can I ask questions about my weekly homework?

Yes - absolutely!

A few of us want to ask the same questions, can we go together?

Time permitting, yes.

Can I email someone my queries instead?

Not to the Support Centre - it’s for ‘in-person’ support only. You can always post queries to the forum on Moodle for the course, if you are still registered for that course.

Who runs the sessions?

All the sessions are held with experienced class teachers or faculty from the Department of Mathematics. 

Student Peer Advisers (SPA) are second and third year volunteer students who attend some of the sessions in Maths Support Centre. They will offer their perspective and help with questions during the sessions. 


Will the Support Centre teachers be the same person as my class teacher?

It’s possible, but there are several Mathematics teachers holding sessions each week, so you may not get to see your own teacher.

How do I book a place?

You don’t need to book a place. Just check the rota on the 
Department of Mathematics Office Hours website

How often can I go to the Support Centre?

Go along as often as you need to.



You will be asked to complete a short feedback form after your visit to the centre. You will be asked only the name of your degree, Department, year of study and the course number you have a query about. You do not need to put your name. Please take the time to complete this feedback so that we can respond to your comments and suggestions.

Feedback from students who have visited the centre:

“Really helpful! We sat at the table together with the professor. I not only understood how to solve my Q's, I also learnt a lot from other people's Q's.."

“Really good with walking me through the problem.”

“Was great help, I understand everything that I did not understand before.”

“Very helpful in understanding how to progress with a proof.”