Maths Study Adviser

for first year undergraduate students

The Mathematics Study Adviser for the Department’s undergraduate students is Laurence O'Toole. As a Study Adviser, he can help with issues surrounding transition to university, getting to grips with abstract mathematics and academic insecurities, and any initial concerns you may have about studying at LSE.

Laurence works closely with the Student Wellbeing Service to make sure students get the help they need, as well as with the Academic Mentors who can refer you to the MSA for support.

The appointments are individual but you can bring someone else for support if you need to.

To book an appointment, please email

Study skills and resources

You are at LSE because you are good at mathematics, and you have good A-Level results to show this. However, your study skills from school will not get you the best results at university.  The three books listed below may help you start to think differently:

There are lots of websites where you can find study skills advice you might like to try on the links below. We also have our own website about Study Skills for Mathematics, which we would recommend reading.

  • Success in Mathematics - this is an American website which contains lots of good advice specifically for mathematics.
  • Maths Centre - if you struggle remembering the actual mathematics you need help with. You can choose a resource with fits how you like to learn. You can also find a recap of what you should know from A-Level.

We encourage you to find a study buddy or study group to give mutual support.