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Why you don't care about inequality

Jonathan Mijs | TEDx London

"Ours is a deeply unequal society. The level of income inequality today we haven’t seen since the Great Depression of the 1920s and 30s. In recent decades, economic growth has been captured by a small segment of society, whose fortunes have grown at a much faster pace than the rest of us. To the point where the top 10 percent today takes in a third of all income and two-thirds of all wealth. Now, this dramatic rise in inequality has not gone unnoticed. The topic has received plenty of attention in academia, in politics, and in the press. What is striking however is how despite all the attention, people just aren’t that worried about inequality."

Watch the full video of Dr. Jonathan Mijs' TEDx London talk bellow: 

Why you don't care about inequality Why you don't care about inequality