Projects and Activities

A main objective of the HO is to develop high-quality research in the area of social sciences focusing on contemporary Greece & Cyprus and especially in the context of the European Union and Southeast Europe. The Observatory encourages this research through a multi-disciplinary and comparative perspective.

More specifically, our research aims to strengthen the theoretical and applied study of contemporary Greece & Cyprus; to enhance the understanding of society, politics, the economies of Greece & Cyprus, and their international relations; to increase the visibility of Greece & Cyprus in the international academic literature and policy debates; and to inform the design and implementation of policy in Greece & Cyprus.

To achieve these goals, we engage in a number of research activities, including individual-led research, team-based projects, as well as wider collaboration with colleagues from other universities and research institutions. We also offer various research and visiting fellowships for those who want to conduct research at the LSE, aiming at facilitating the exchange of knowledge and ideas and the cross-fertilisation of research between the Hellenic Observatory and wider networks.

Research Themes

The core research team at the Hellenic Observatory covers three main areas of research within the geographical contexts of Greece (and Cyprus), Southeast Europe and the European Union:            

  •  Public policy, policy processes and political economy              
  •  International relations and foreign and security policy              
  •  Economic geography and regional integration

Staff Research

The core and associated staff of the Hellenic Observatory engage in a number of in-house, collaborative and commissioned projects along the thematic lines and geographic focus defined by our strategic aims and mission.

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Hellenic Observatory Research Calls Programme

The research initiative supports high-quality, policy-related research on Greece, within the social sciences. 

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A.G. Leventis Research Innovation Programme on Cyprus

A programme dedicated to innovative research on Cyprus regarding issues of contemporary academic and policy-relevant significance.

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