The Future of Healthcare: Staying healthy in the 21st Century- A View from Greece

Hosted by The Hellenic Observatory and LSE Health

Wolfson Theatre, New Academic Building


Dr Vassili G. Apostolopoulos

Dr Vassili G. Apostolopoulos


Professor Elias Mossialos

Professor Elias Mossialos

What is the future of Healthcare in light of the underlying trends redefining the industry? How is cutting edge research, new knowledge, and technological progress re-shaping global Health?

Dr Vassili G. Apostolopoulos addressed these pressing topics arguing that the key will lie with top quality services; decisive investments in innovation, research and development; as well as continuous and proactive investments in skill, talent and globally competitive human capital and infrastructure. To get ahead of the curve, providers will need to invest in and conquer the technology of the future - to become more digital and more portable. Robotic surgery, precision medicine, minimally invasive procedures, but also, a new approach towards prevention. Medicine and healthcare cannot evolve without private investment. It has been the case historically, and it is more so now. As the field undergoes this rapid transformation, emerging at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution, it is crucial to be visionary whilst remaining pragmatic and on top of your day-to-day game.

At a time when medical tourism and health travel are reaching new heights, Dr Apostolopoulos argued that Greece, the birthplace of Hippocrates and western medicine, presents a series of advantages in the field that allow it to stand out as a prime destination.

Dr Vassili G. Apostolopoulos is the CEO of the Athens Medical Group, a leading health care services group in Greece and Southeastern Europe. Vassili is the President of the Hellenic Entrepreneurs Association (EENE), member of the General Council of the Hellenic Federation of Industries (SEV member of the Greek Medical Tourism Council (ELITOUR) and member of the Board of Greece – Qatar Business Council.

Professor Elias Mossialos is Brian Abel-Smith Professor of Health Policy and Head of Department in the Department of Health Policy at London School of Economics (LSE).

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