eduroam at LSE

eduroam is the recommended wireless network (wifi) in use at LSE which allows secure connectivity across campus including in major lecture theatres and public areas.

  • Configure your device once and you will automatically connect wherever eduroam is available
  • Benefit from seamless wifi access at many other institutions across the UK and abroad
  • Visitors to LSE can use eduroam with their institutions' account

For more information and to see a list of participating institutions, please visit the eduroam website.

Connect to eduroam

The exact method will vary from device to device but you will need to:

  • Make sure you are at a place on campus which has wireless network availability
  • Enable wifi on your device. Scan for networks and choose eduroam
  • When prompted, enter the following information:

Username: Your LSE email address, e.g.
Password: Your LSE network password

For more detailed guidance, please see below:

If you are experiencing problems connecting, you may need to remove any previous profiles from your wireless device. You can do this via the network settings.

Monitoring and Privacy

Please be aware the School reserves the right to monitor your use of eduroam.

Monitoring may be undertaken to:

  • Protect IT facilities against viruses, hackers and other malicious attacks;
  • Assist in the investigation of breaches of the Conditions of Use of IT Facilities at the LSE;
  • Prevent or detect crime or other unauthorised use of the IT facilities;
  • Assist in managing the utilisation of physical space across the campus;
  • When legally required to do so, for example as part of a police investigation or by order of a court of law.

If you have any questions about eduroam monitoring, please contact the Information Security Team

Certificate Update

IMT updated the certificate for the eduroam service on Thursday 4 August 2016.

Users who had the service before the 4th may receive a warning message asking if they trust the certificate, the first time they connect to the service after the update. 

All users are asked to authenticate the certificate by selecting Continue or Trust on their device.

Please note: you will only have to do this once for each device which connects to eduroam.

Need Help?

If you experience difficulties connecting to eduroam, please contact the IT Service Desk:

Visitors from other institutions should contact their home institution for help.