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Cyprus in Time

An LSE Arts Public Exhibition

24 October- 25 November
Atrium Gallery, Old Building, LSE

About the Exhibition

The photography exhibition “Cyprus in Time” by Cypriot artist photographer and journalist Antigoni Solomonidou Droussiotou sought to portray, through a series of black and white photos, the numerous contrasts in religious and political tradition, daily habits and everyday life evident on the divided island of Cyprus. These photos were captured throughout many years spent exploring and observing both sides of the island.

 “Cyprus in Time” captures elements from across all spectra of both sides of the island. The photos attempt to portray, in a simple yet unique manner, the people of Cyprus and their habits, all placed against the backdrop of the Cypriot landscape, with its stunning contrast of mountain, sky and sea. They demonstrate Cyprus as a mixture of similarities and contradictions, an intermingling of two cultures that may appear immiscible – superficially different, yet in many ways, strikingly alike.  Images encompass a broad range of themes. From the classical to the modern, the religious to the secular, examples include churches leaning against mosques, remnants of antiquity and graffiti on a backstreet amidst the urban sprawl. 

The photos help to evoke the historical memory of pain and separation, but also the great resilience of the people. In Cyprus, past, present and future are connected by a single thread, with the past writing the present and the present foretelling the future. 

This exhibition was organised by the Hellenic Observatory in association with LSE Arts to celebrate the  HO's 20 Year Anniversary . 

It was supported by the A. G. Leventis Foundation to which we want to express our deep gratitude. The exhibition was under the auspices of H.E Euripides L.Evriviades, High Commissioner for the Republic of Cyprus to the UK.

Cyprus in Time Photography Exhibition Cyprus in Time Photography Exhibition
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Artist's Biography

Antigoni Solomonidou Droussiotou - artist photographer and journalist based in Cyprus. 

Having studied “Documentary Photography” in Wales Antigoni has practiced photography since 1977. She has presented 15 solo exhibitions in numerous worldwide locations, namely Cyprus, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, England, Belgium (European Commission, Berlaymont Presidents’ Gallery and European Council, Lex Building), New York (United Nation’s Secretarial Lobby), and in Washington Capitol USA. Antigoni has contributed in various group exhibitions and represented Cyprus in several biennale and international exhibitions achieving three international awards. She has published three photographic books, in addition to another containing interviews with Cypriot politicians and artists. Her photographs are in private collections all over the world and her work is mostly in black and white, having been inspired by people and light, 'gestures and details', 'places and shapes'.

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