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Invited Speakers

Survey Speakers

Abboud 200x200

Amir Abboud (Weizmann Institute of Science) 

A Survey on Fine Grained Complexity

Chuzhoy 200x200

Julia Chuzhoy (Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago)

New Approximation Algorithms for Graph Crossing Number

Grohe 200x200

Martin Grohe (RWTH Aachen University)

A Survey on Graph Isomorphism

Karlin 200x200

Anna Karlin (University of Washington)

A Survey on Metric TSP

Peng 200x200

Richard Peng (Georgia Institute of Technology)

A Survey on Fast Flow Algorithms

Saranurak 200x200

Thatchaphol Saranurak (University of Michigan)

A Survey on Expander Graphs and their Usage in Dynamic Algorithms


Highlight Speakers

  • Peyman Afshani (Aarhus University): Lower Bounds for Semialgebraic Range Searching and Stabbing Problems  
  • Soheil Behnezhad (Stanford University): Time-Optimal Sublinear Algorithms for Matching and Vertex Cover  
  • Sayan Bhattacharya (University of Warwick): Deterministic Rounding of Dynamic Fractional Matchings
  • Guy Blelloch (Carnegie Mellon University): Parallel Minimum Cuts in %%O(m \log^2(n))%% Work and Low Depth
  • Greg Bodwin (University of Michigan): Restorable Shortest Path Tiebreaking for Edge-Faulty Graphs
  • Mahsa Eftekhari (University of California, Davis): A Time and Space Optimal Stable Population Protocol Solving Exact Majority
  • John Kallaugher (Sandia National Laboratories): A Quantum Advantage for a Natural Streaming Problem
  • William Kuszmaul (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): Stochastic and Worst-Case Generalized Sorting Revisited
  • Jason Li (Carnegie Mellon University): Deterministic Mincut in Almost-Linear Time
  • Joseph Mitchell (SUNY, Stony Brook): Approximating Maximum Independent Set for Rectangles in the Plane
  • Shay Moran (Technion): A Theory of Universal Learning
  • Merav Parter (Weizmann Institute of Science): New Diameter Reducing Shortcuts: Breaking the %%O(\sqrt{n})%% Barrier
  • Aviad Rubinstein (Stanford University): The Randomized Communication Complexity of Randomized Auctions
  • Rahul Savani (University of Liverpool): The Complexity of Gradient Descent: CLS = PPAD ∩ PLS"
  • Mehtaab Sawhney (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): Discrepancy Minimization via a Self-Balancing Walk
  • Jakub Tetek (University of Copenhagen): Better Sum Estimation via Weighted Sampling
  • Vera Traub (ETH Zurich): A Better-Than-2 Approximation for Weighted Tree Augmentation
  • Jan Vondrak (Stanford University): A Constant-factor Approximation Algorithm for Nash Social Welfare with Submodular Valuations
  • Yelena Yuditsky (Université libre de Bruxelles): Integer Programs with Bounded Subdeterminants and Two Nonzeros Per Row