Working Papers 2017

  • Nº 271 Bimetallism and its Discontents: Cooperation and Coordination Failure in the Empire’s Monetary Politics, 1549-59
    Oliver Volckart

  • Nº 270 Premodern Debasement: A Messy Affair
    Oliver Volckart

  • Nº 269 The Sources of Growth in a Technologically Progressive Economy:  the United States, 1899-1941
    Gerben Bakker, Nicholas Crafts, Pieter Woltjer

  • Nº 268 Socialist Growth Revisited: Insights from Yugoslavia
    Leonard Kukic 

  • Nº 267 Regional development under socialism: Evidence from Yugoslavia
    Leonard Kukic

  • Nº 266 Great divergence, consumer revolution and the reorganization of textile markets: Evidence from Hamburg’s import trade, eighteenth century
    Ulrich Pfister

  • Nº 265 Disease and child growth in industrialising Japan: assessing instantaneous changes in growth and changes in the growth pattern, 1911-39
    Eric B Schneider, Kota Ogasawara

  • Nº 264 The Contributions of Warfare with Revolutionary and Napoleonic France to the Consolidation and Progress of the British Industrial Revolution
    Patrick O'Brien

  • Nº 263 The London Stock Exchange 1869-1929: New Bloody Statistics for Old?
    Leslie Hannah 

  • Nº 262  Co-authorship in Economic History and Economics: Are We Any Different?
    Andrew J. Seltzer, Daniel S. Hamermesh

  • Nº 261 The Paradox of Power: Understanding Fiscal Capacity in Imperial China and Absolutist Regimes
    Debin Ma, Jared Rubin

  • Nº 260 Rise of ‘Red Zaibatsu’ in China: Entrenchment and Expansion of Large State-owned Enterprises, 1990-2016
    Huangnan Shen, Lei Fang, Kent Deng 

  • Nº 259 Was the First Industrial Revolution a Conjuncture in the History of the World Economy
    Patrick O’Brien

  • Nº 258 Currency Valuations, Retaliation and Trade Conflicts Evidence from Interwar France
    Thilo Albers

  • Nº 257 How Well Did Facts Travel to Support Protracted Debate on the History of the Great Divergence between Western Europe and Imperial China?
    Kent Deng, Patrick O'Brien

  • Nº 256 Micro Foundations In The Great Divergence Debate: Opening Up A New Perspective
    Luca Zan, Kent Deng

  • Nº 255 Sovereign Defaults during the Great Depression: the Role of Fiscal Fragility
    Andrea Papadia