Support the DSI

We are proud and privileged to be part of a generous data science community who choose to support the DSI through philanthropy.

Every gift you make, no matter the size, is a positive investment in our future and a demonstration of faith in the DSI and its mission.

Professor Ken Benoit

How you can support the growth of the LSE Data Science Institute

As the DSI continues to develop its activities, donations are required to fund this progress.

Every gift that is received from our community of friends and supporters is an invaluable demonstration of faith in the DSI as the institutional cornerstone of data science at LSE and becomes an investment into our mission to foster the study of data science and new forms of data with a focus on their social, economic and political aspects.

Over the next few years the Data Science Institute is seeking to:

  • Invest in new technology to directly link up research across LSE and beyond via a cloud-based database. Through enhancing our technology, we will be able to strengthen our partnership with Imperial College London’s Data Science Institute – through which we aim to combine the power of natural and social science research. This innovative collaboration has the potential to transform the world’s approach to future pandemics and climate change.
  • Support research on key areas - including healthcare and social policy; ethics and artificial intelligence; finance, economics, firms and markets: digital societies, digital misinformation, data and social media: and data and democracy – bringing together the greatest minds in a range of fields to help create a more just society.
  • Enhance collaborative research between students, faculty and organisational leaders on cloud and data-focused projects, and the sharing of expertise through hackathons and seminars.

As a member of our data science community you can direct your donation to the DSI via the LSE Regular Giving programme. This programme helps LSE to maintain its status as a world class university. The generosity of alumni, staff and friends of LSE enables the Regular Giving programme to play a key role at the School.

If you wish to support our efforts, please make a donation online. These unrestricted gifts allow us to invest in the areas of the greatest need.

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