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Finance, Economics, Firms and Markets

The DSI aims to host, facilitate and promote research in social and economic data science

Data science in the economic sphere is an inherently social question, since all of economics is determined by human behaviour and interaction.

As such, our research theme looks at the ways that social data can be used to understand trends, explain market behaviours and gain insights into risks and opportunities.

This page is currently under development as the DSI expands its range of activities. Contributions to DSI research are being actively sought. Please get in contact in order to become involved.

Current DSI activity

DSI Staff


Dr Erica Thompson

Senior Policy Fellow in Ethics of Modelling and Simulation

DSI Affiliates

J Ruf

Professor Johannes Ruf

Associate Professor


umur cetin

Professor Umut Cetin

Professor of Statistics


Dr Michael Blackwell

Associate Professor of Law

DSI Visiting Staff

T Maynard

Dr Trevor Maynard

Visiting Senior Fellow

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Related LSE research

The strong research community at the London School of Economics also takes an interest in this research theme. As the cornerstone of data science at LSE, the DSI acts as a nexus for research and learning, working alongside other Departments and Institutes across the School.

The Systemic Risk Centre (SRC) was set up to study the risks that may trigger the next financial crisis and to develop tools to help policymakers and financial institutions become better prepared. 

The Financial Markets Group Research Centre (FMG) was established at LSE in 1987. The FMG is a leading centre in Europe for policy research into financial markets.