LSE Data Science Institute awarded 'Process Mining Centre of Excellence' status

Process mining can be applied across virtually every field of study

The LSE Data Science Institute is honoured to have been awarded 'Process Mining Academic Centre of Excellence' status by Celonis at the 2021 Celonis Ecosystem Summit.

Celonis has collaborated with various LSE departments in the past and has a vision to continue its culture of academic innovation and research discovery by teaming up with universities who share the same common commitment to STEM research disciplines, EMS and process mining. In line with this vision, Celonis has recognised LSE as a Leader in Process Mining Culture and Adoption.

Celonis is the global industry leader in process mining technology, a field situated at the interface between Business Process Management and Data Science. This recognition for effort and activity will see Celonis partner with 15 Academic Centres of Excellence for Process Mining across the globe that will act as forerunners for providing Process Mining Education and Co-Innovation. More information is available in this article.

The award is another significant milestone for the DSI in its role as an institutional cornerstone and interdisciplinary nexus as the LSE application was managed by the DSI, successfully being awarded 'Leader in Process Mining Culture and Adoption' status.

The application drew contributions from across the LSE community to provide a compelling case that showed the School to have integrated process mining rigorously into the curriculum, published research in the field and spearheaded a diverse range of student and community-based initiatives.

Academic Centers of Excellence will act as first point of contact for students and academics interested in the field and will serve concurrently as a forum for international workshops, tech talks and classroom engagements.

The DSI thanks Celonis for this recognition and looks forward to continuing to work together.