Using data science for sustainable business performance

Hosted by the Data Science Institute



Dr Erica Thompson

Dr Erica Thompson

Senior Policy Fellow in Ethics of Modelling and Simulation

Professor Ken Benoit

Professor Ken Benoit

Director of the Data Science Institute

Caroline Milliotte

Caroline Milliotte

Global Head of Sustainability at Ekimetrics

Wendy Wang

Wendy Wang

PhD in Social Research Methods

Anton Boychenko

Anton Boychenko

Alumnus MSc Applied Social Data Science at LSE, Product Developer at Decoded

Hosted by the LSE Data Science Institute in partnership with Ekimetrics

How do we reinvent business models to balance the needs for commercial success while tackling climate change? Is it possible to use new technologies, such as AI, to reconcile business and sustainability goals while driving competitive advantage? Why is it so hard to make this change when the need for it is so obvious?The LSE Data Science Institute (DSI) will host this exclusive live event in collaboration with Ekimetrics as part of their EkiVision 2022 global launch. Open to all LSE students, this event will feature interviews, roundtables and skills sessions to provide a comprehensive introduction to the key themes and future challenges. The event will be introduced by DSI Director Professor Ken Benoit and Caroline Milliotte, Global Head of Sustainability at Ekimetrics. Following this a range of experts from industry and academia will offer their thoughts before attendees are given the chance to engage with the concepts themselves in skills workshops. These sessions are designed to be accessible for all backgrounds.

Roundtable discussion: Data Transformation: success or failure? (pre-recorded)

Speakers: Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou (Dean, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon), Asmita Dubey (Global Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, L’Oreal), Quentin Michard (Co-founder, Ekimetrics)

This discussion will outline the challenges of data transformation and sustainability strategies in business globally. Drawing on the speakers' experience, we consider how competitive advantage is reshaped by climate change at this decisive point in our economic future. Have new technologies, such as AI, really reinvented opportunities to use data and what needs to happen to deliver successful data-informed strategies?

Interview: Why is it so difficult to change? (pre-recorded)
Speaker: Daniel Kahneman in conversation with Jean-Baptiste Bouzige (CEO, Ekimetrics) 

2002 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences awardee Daniel Kahneman will discuss the key reasons behind inertia, even when the need for change is so obvious.
Skills sessions  - LIVE
Led by the LSE Data Science Institute, with Ekimetrics 

Two simultaneous skills sessions will take place to enable attendees to engage with the topics discussed by our expert speakers. One of these sessions will be technical in focus, with another designed to consider the themes more broadly. This will ensure accessibility for all participants, no matter their background and experience.

Technical session: 
Led by Anton Boychenko (Alumnus MSc Applied Social Data Science at LSE, Product Developer at Decoded)

Missing data affects all kinds of analysis from working with small surveys to big machine learning models. In this session we will explore different types of missing data and ways of dealing with them.

Foundation session: 
Led by Wendy Wang (PhD Social Research Methods at LSE)

Data science is increasingly important to businesses that work across disciplinary boundaries. Using material from LSE Data Science Institute courses, this session will provide core data science concepts for practioners that traditionally have not used data science methods.


Roundtable discussion: How will AI accelerate sustainable transformation? Let’s do it right this time.  (pre recorded and LIVE)
Speakers: Nicolas Miailhe (President, The Future Society), Philippe Rambach (Chief AI Officer, Schneider Electric) and Laurent Félix (GM, Ekimetrics). Followed by a discussion of the topics with Dr Erica Thompson (LSE Data Science Institute), highlighting her research in conversation with Caroline Milliotte (Ekimetrics).

This session aims to show the use cases in business for AI in tackling climate change, how to use AI and data as an accelerator, how to ensure the right questions are being asked, and how to translate to practical implementation. It will also touch on the role of AI in society, AI governance, regulation and the role of government in speeding up the adoption of AI best practice.