DSI Research Showcases

Sharing the research activity of the data science community at LSE

As data science has revolutionised the social sciences and the world is being transformed, the LSE Data Science Institute (DSI) is uniquely placed as the foundation of data science activity at LSE to host, facilitate and promote research that combines the technical aspects of data science with applications to the social world.

DSI Research Showcases bring together cross-cutting research themes from across LSE and aim to raise awareness of this research, as well as those conducting it.

The format and audience can change but all of these events share a constant aim to highlight the motivation for and impact of the research taking place within the data science community at LSE.

Upcoming event 

30 March 2023
DSI Research Showcase - March 2023

DSI Research Showcase - March 2023

To mark the end of term, the DSI is hosting a Research Showcase event to connect the data science community for a celebration of some of the outstanding projects taking place.

We are excited to bring you research from across a range of departments and institutes that will highlight the varied applications of data science for the world. This cutting-edge research taking place at the intersection of data and society and represents part of the ongoing revolution of ‘social data science’ at LSE. 

When: 30 March 2023, 15:00 - 16:30


Past events

8 December 2022
DSI Research Showcase - December 2022

DSI Research Showcase - December 2022

The DSI is hosting a Research Showcase event to connect the data science community for a celebration of some of the outstanding projects taking place.

Following its official launch at the start of term, the DSI looks forward to pushing on with the ongoing revolution of ‘social data science’ at LSE through spreading data science education across the School and supporting research and outreach. 

With this aim, this DSI Research Showcase will highlight some of LSE’s cutting-edge research taking place at the intersection of data and society, with a specific focus on multi-disciplinary collaboration. 

When: 8 December 2022, 15:30 - 16:30
Where: PAR.2.03

21 September 2022
Data Science Lightning Talks

Data Science Research Lightning TalksAttendees discovered LSE's world leading data science projects at this event that took place within LSE Welcome.

Our speakers were given the task of delivering their presentations in the form of timed 'Lightning Talks' with just one slide to use as a visual aid. This format ensured that the event remained focused and engaging for the audience who were of a range of backgrounds. Following each presentation, those in attendance asked questions and offered comments.

Presentations focused on ongoing work in areas such as health, climate change and politics. This was of use to new students and researchers whose first introduction to the data science research at LSE made clear the interdisciplinary scope of this work and its potential societal impact.

Schedule of speakers

Dr Jonathan Cardoso-Silva  
Assistant Professorial Lecturer in the Data Science Institute (DSI) who teaches DSI courses. 
Dr Alex Gomes  
Research Fellow at LSE Cities who has been responsible for coordinating LSE Cities’ spatial analysis across a range of projects 
Dr Marcos Barreto 
Assistant Professorial Lecturer in Data Science, teaching Department of Statistics courses. 
Riccardo Ricciardi 
PhD Candidate in Statistics and Data Science at the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Brescia, Italy. DSI Visiting Student in MT 2022. 
Dr Ali Boyle 
Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy who recently joined LSE and now teaches the Mind and Metaphysics Undergraduate course. 
Dr Elisabetta Pietrostefani 
LSE Fellow in Geographic Data Science in the Department of Geography. 
Dr Erica Thompson 
UKRI Future Leaders Fellow and Senior Policy Fellow in Ethics of Modelling and Simulation at the LSE Data Science Institute. 
Professor Henry Wynn
Emeritus Professor of Statistics and Principal Investigator at LSE on EU-funded projects: CELSIUS and ReUseHeat.
Professor Zoltan Szabo 
Professor of Data Science at the Department of Statistics 

13 December 2021
DSI Research Showcase - MT 2021

DSI Research Showcase - MT 2021

This internal event facilitated the sharing of data science research across LSE as DSI Affiliates shared their ongoing projects.

Speaking for around five minutes, presenters shared their ideas in a collegial atmosphere with the aim for those in attendance to ask questions and to offer feedback. This offered a good opportunity for networking and potential collaborations.

Schedule of speakers

Dr Siân Brooke
Hardcoding Gender: Dismantling Gender Differences in Collaborative Computing
Dr Joshua Loftus
Causality for ethical data science
Dr Florian Foos
Identifying spillover effects with experiments and spatial data
Lana Bilalova
What do mass media in Russia reveal about the regime’s survival strategy?
Dr Yunxiao Chen
Data science problems in international large-scale assessments in education
Dr Marcos Barreto
Data linkage & analytics applied to massive databases
Dr Kate Vredenburgh
Fairness and Decision Thresholds
Fintan Oeri
Identifying lobbying coalitions from official communication: The possibilities and limitations of an NLP approach
Dr Milena Tsvetkova
Studying the Daily Reproduction of Socio-Economic Inequality with Web Data
Dr Erica Thompson
Bridging the gaps between Model Land and real world
Dr Jon Cardoso-Silva and Dr Elly Power
VIMuRe: A New Latent Network Model to Account for Noisy, Multiply-Reported Social Network Data
Philipp Darius
Data Linking for Political Data Science: Better Understanding Legislative Speech and Social Media Communication by Members of Parliament
Dr Zoltan Szabo 
Information Theory, Kernels & Applications