Scenarios for Lambeth and Southwark

Commissioned by Impact on Urban Health, this research project will evolve potential ‘futures’ or scenarios for policy advice and decision-making in the face of rapidly changing and uncertain events, including COVID-19 and Brexit.

With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and the UK’s changing geo-political relations, the extent of economic, social, and cultural change to occur in coming years is virtually impossible to predict, as are the wider implications it will have. This uncertainty is magnified in London’s Boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark, which are home to not only vibrant and diverse communities but stark health inequalities.

Public policy and long-term decision making are essential to identifying and proposing solutions to these Boroughs’ most difficult problems, but the current moment of social and political uncertainty provides a significant challenge to the community organisations and institutions which lead such work. Commissioned by Impact on Urban Health, this research project combines data, existing research, and community input to develop a series of potential futures or scenarios for Lambeth and Southwark. These scenarios will help inform future planning to ensure they can continue to address the local communities most important needs, even in the face of long-term uncertainty.


Project Team

Research directors
Tony Travers, Professor in Practice, LSE Department of Government & Director, LSE London
Ricky Burdett, Professor of Urban Studies, Director of LSE Cities

Alexandra Zisser, Research Officer, LSE Cities
Alexandra Gomes, Research Officer, LSE Cities

Research directors
Tony Travers, Ricky Burdett
Alexandra Zisser, Alexandra Gomes
Project Partner
Impact on Urban Health
Research strand
Cities, Space and Society