Co-Benefits of Urban Climate Action: a Framework for Cities

A working paper by the Economics of Green Cities Programme, LSE Cities, London School of Economics and Political Science

Graham Floater, Catarina Heeckt, Matthew Ulterino, Lisa Mackie, Philipp Rode, Ankit Bhardwaj, Maria Carvalho, Darren Gill, Thomas Bailey, Rachel Huxley

C40 aims to support cities to “understand value and then make the case for individual climate actions based on the environmental, economic and social costs and benefits” of those actions. To support this overall aim, this report - a scoping study on co-benefits by the Economics of Green Cities Programme at the London School of Economics - has three key objectives:

• Undertake a review of the literature and data on urban co-benefits to climate action in order to map the current landscape of understanding, use and availability of data.

• Produce a co-benefit framework to support a shared language for, and common understanding and measurement of, co-benefits.

• Produce recommendations to inform further work on co-benefits.