Policy Brief #02

Towards a Concept and Framework for Governing Complex Emergencies 

Emergency Governance Initiative, November 2020

The main objective of this Policy Brief is to introduce a preliminary concept and framework for governing complex emergencies, tailored to the needs of city and regional governments. The document introduces a provisional framework for emergency governance which covers relevant governance principles, structures, processes and domains. 

The framework is intended to generate discussion, critical review and feedback over the coming 12 months up to November 2021. A final version of an Emergency Governance Framework will be published as part of the EGI Special Report in 2022. We are actively seeking feedback during this period. Please visit the dedicated feedback site to leave comments: PB #02 Comments and Feedback.

Policy Brief #02 is the second in a series of quarterly publications that complement the more data-driven Analytics Notes. Policy Briefs focus on forward-looking propositions, reformagendas, governance innovation and critical perspectives.

This Policy Brief is part of the Emergency Governance Initiative (EGI) led by LSE Cities, United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), and the World Association of the Major Metropolises (Metropolis). This Initiative investigates the institutional dimensions of rapid and radical action in response to global emergencies to provide city and regional governments with frameworks, knowledge, and resources to navigate the new demands of leading emergency responses. 

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Policy Brief #02 is also available in French and Spanish.