Analytics Note #01

COVID-19 Monitors of Relevance to Urban and Regional Governance

Emergency Governance Initiative, June 2020

Just as the COVID-19 virus spread exponentially across the globe, so too has the data. Almost overnight, a huge number of trackers and monitors appeared online, keeping tabs not only on the infection, but also on the social and economic impacts and policy responses. Many of these resources could be of immense use to local and urban decision makers. The Emergency Governance Initiative has been compiling a database of monitors of relevance to the local and urban leaders managing the pandemic. Analytics Note #01: COVID-19 Monitors of Relevance to Urban and Regional Governance reviews a list of 60 monitors developed by dozens of organisations around the globe.

This Analytics Note is part of the Emergency Governance Initiative (EGI) led by LSE Cities in collaboration with United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) and Metropolis. This Initiative investigates the institutional dimensions of rapid and radical action in response to global emergencies.

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Analytics Note #01 is also available in French and Spanish.