Philipp Rode in WIRED article on cities and climate change

4 January 2020

I'm pretty confident that behind the narrative of the emergency ... we will see cities that are going to propose and maybe also push through measures they would have not dared to address even three years ago.

Philipp Rode in WIRED

The movement to address the climate emergency has largely been led by cities, and "Mayors across the world say we all need to consider how urban planning and climate intersect with well-being", reads a new article in WIRED.

Titled "Cities Race to Slow Climate Change—and Improve Life for All", the article quotes LSE Cities Executive Director Philipp Rode amongst others, including LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and C40 North America Director David Miller.

The article also cites research from the "Climate Emergency, Urban Opportunities" report by the Coalition for Urban Transitions, a collaborative effort of more than 50 organisations that includes LSE Cities.

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