Nuno F. da Cruz co-authors El País article on Metropolitan Indicators project

28 November 2019

"Some of the research findings may be crucial to inform a more effective metropolitan governance. For example, we found that income inequality has a stronger relationship with homicide rate than with the level of poverty or unemployment."

Nuno F. da Cruz & Octavi de la Varga Mas

Nuno F. da Cruz, Assistant Professorial Research Fellow at LSE Cities, has co-authored an article on the Metropolitan Indicators project for Spanish newspaper El País

The article, titled 'Where do cities begin and end' in English, was co-written by Metropolis Secretary General Octavi de la Varga Mas. It argues that the governance of metropolitan areas can create opportunities for sustainable urban development.

The Metropolitan Indicators project, a collaboration with Metropolis, aimed to develop a system of comparative indicators for a range of major cities. This research resulted in a database of 38 metropolitan indicators for 58 metropolitan territories.

A recent report by Metropolis on the state of African metropolises mainly based its analysis on the metropolitan indicators database.


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