Julia King gives TEDx talk on 'Poo, Power, and Participation'

11 November 2019

How and where you poo is how we divide the haves and the have nots.

Julia King, LSE Cities Research Fellow

Julia King, Research Fellow at LSE Cities and teaching faculty on the Cities Programme, gave a talk at TEDxWarwick on the need to radically shift the way we think about human waste. 

Titled 'Poo, Power, and Participation', the talk draws on King's LSE Cities research project Incremental Infrastructure, that looked at sewage infrastructure in Delhi and aimed to identify, design, and prototype interventions in the context of marginalised and peripheral communities. 


In the talk, King argued that waste management can be a driver of, or solution to, inequality.  

The talk was given at TEDxWarwick's 'Architects of Tomorow' event in March 2019, and was posted on the main TEDx platform on 15 September 2019. 

Click here to watch the full TEDx talk.