Jo Beall speaks at the Sanitation Workers Forum



Linking Research, Policy and Practice

LSE Cities' Jo Beall, Emeritus Professor and Distinguished Policy Fellow, spoke at the 'Sanitation Workers Forum 2021'. 

The forum aimed to address critical knowledge gaps in the sanitation workers industry by raising the visibility of sanitation workers and fostering discussion and collaboration between activism, research, policy and practice. 

1. Share knowledge and good practices about sanitation workers globally.
2. Build a community of practice around the topic which includes sanitation workers representatives, activists, policymakers, practitioners, students and academics.
3. Discuss and prioritise future areas of research, policy and practice.

The Organisers
The organising committee comprises of volunteer MSc, PhD students, researchers and professionals based in the UK, USA and India working on and passionate about the topic of sanitation labour. 

Organisational partners include the Initiative for Sanitation Workers, a collaborative partnership for global advocacy on sanitation workers between ILO, WaterAid, WHO, World Bank and SNV.

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