Virtual launch of the 'Future Cities' Conversation Series featuring Ricky Burdett



Norman Foster Foundation Initiative

Following on from the ‘On Cities’ Masterclass Series featuring Ricky Burdett, the Norman Foster Foundation launch the 'Future Cities' Conversation Series.

In the face of crises like climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic, effective and positive change in cities is an imperative condition to optimising public health, social equity and environmental sustainability for urban centres and the rest of the world. A call to action against cities that have become more spatially fragmented, less environmentally responsive and more socially divided, the city of the future is one that will meet and overcome such challenges while providing inhabitants with liveable spaces and a higher quality of living.

Watch the Future Cities video

In this series of ten virtual dialogues, Norman Foster considers the past, present and future of cities alongside the following leading experts:

  • Alejandro Aravena, Executive Director, ELEMENTAL, Chile
  • Vicki Arroyo, Associate Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), United States
  • Ricky Burdett, Director, LSE Cities and the Urban Age, United Kingdom
  • Edward Glaeser, Fred and Eleanor Glimp Professor of Economics, Harvard University, United States
  • Paul Goldberger, Architecture Critic, The New Yorker and Vanity Fair, United States
  • Ian Goldin, Founding Director, Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Anne Lacaton, Cofounder and Principal, Lacaton & Vassal, France
  • Mariana Mazzucato, Founder and Director, Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, University College London (UCL), United Kingdom
  • Sheela Patel, Founding Director, Society for the Promotion of Area Resource Centres (SPARC), Inidia
  • Antoine Picon, G Ware Travelstead Professor of the History of Architecture and Technology, Harvard University, United States.

Watch the Future Cities trailer

In addition, the Norman Foster Foundation has been working on a publication compiling each conversation from the series - more to come.