Philipp Rode to give keynote presentation at Urban Zero Night for COP26



From Ambition to Impact

How can green mobility be implemented in urban areas? This question will be addressed in Philipp Rode's keynote presentation on 'The radical decarbonisation of the urban transport sector' at Urban Zero Night for COP26.  

Hosted by Christian Sewing, CEO Deutsche Bank and Klaus Rosenfeld, CEO Schaeffler AG, the event will outline sustainability ambitions of both companies, key initiatives and the importance of collaboration.

Tuesday 2 November 16:45pm (UK)

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About the event

In 2019, the United Nations Environment Programme concluded that global emissions need to be cut by 7.6 percent every year for next decade to meet 1.5°C Paris target. This trajectory can only be achieved through unprecedented societal, economic and industrial change. It also requires new coalitions of partners willing to enable such radical transformation.

Cities and urban regions will increasingly become the territories and political arenas where the formation of new partnerships for climate action will be most effective. While urban areas account for high levels of carbon emissions today, they also hold the key to ecological modernisation and a zero carbon economy due to their great potentials for innovation, efficiency and collective action.

For this urban-led transformation, Schaeffler and Deutsche Bank, supported by the knowledge partner LSE Cities, explore new partnership approaches how city governments and urban stakeholders, the real economy and financial industry alongside academia and research institutions can work together to identify on-the-ground transition pathways that meet the requirements of a safe climate in the future. The urban transport sector will serve as an exemplary reference case for this exploration.

The Schaeffler Group as a leading global supplier to the automotive and industrial sector that enables green mobility and green energy solutions in the urban context. Deutsche Bank is committed to significantly increasing financing to facilitate sustainable economic developments. And with the analytical depths of LSE Cities the three hosting partners outline at the Urban Zero Night the sustainability ambitions in their field of competence and how to enable green mobility in urban space.