New blog summarising the first Urban Age Debate on 'Socialising Remote Work'

25 February 2021

The first of the Urban Age Debates: Cities in the 2020s series took place on 19 January 2020, asking the question: Will changing patterns in knowledge work reduce or amplify the human need to meet in cities?

Journalist and author Camilla Cavendish chaired the debate, joined by urbanist and author Richard Florida, AI and technology expert Ayesha Khanna, and HR executive Janina Kugel. The spanned topics such as how the switch to remote work has affected people across lines of inequality, how the pandemic has accelerated existing trends, and larger macro-disruptions to systems of social security.

This new blog post, authored by Noah Powers, Urban Age Project Assistant at LSE Cities, summarises the key takeaways of the debate. 

Read the blog here.

Watch the full debate here.