Suzanne Hall publishes new book 'The Migrant Paradox'



19 February 2021

Suzanne Hall, Associate Professor in Sociology and Director of the Cities Programme at LSE, has published a new book entitled 'The Migrant Paradox: Street Livelihoods and Marginal Citizenship in Britain'. The book connects global migration with urban marginalization, exploring how “race” maps onto place across the globe, state, and street.

In this richly observed account of migrant shopkeepers in five cities in the United Kingdom, Suzanne examines the brutal contradictions of sovereignty and capitalism in the formation of street livelihoods in the urban margins. Her six-year project spans the combined impacts of the 2008 financial crisis, austerity governance, punitive immigration laws and the Brexit Referendum, and processes of state-sanctioned regeneration.

Read more about 'The Migrant Paradox' here.

An open access publication of 'The Migrant's Paradox' is available here.