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04 March 2020

While necessary, collecting data at the ‘right’ scale is not sufficient to re-scale urban governance. Furthermore, this re-scaling is contentious and can be of different types – there are no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions for governance reforms.

Nuno F. da Cruz, Do Young Oh & Nathalie Badaoui Choumar

Nuno F. da Cruz, Do Young Oh and Nathalie Badaoui Choumar have authored an article in the journal Cities.

The article, titled 'The Metropolitan Scale' summarises the research undertaken in the LSE Cities project Metropolitan Indicators. It employs simple definitions and heuristics to collect and present data for 58 metropolises from five continents and reflects on this experience to emphasise the obstacles that lie ahead of both scholars and policy-makers at all levels of government. The database of 38 metropolitan indicators for 58 metropolitan territories is also available online.

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