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Advisory Projects

Current Advisory Projects 


Council on Urban Initiatives

A new collaboration between LSE Cities at the London School of Economics, UCL’s Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose and UN-Habitat.

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Urban Age Task Force

Strategic advice, policy implementation and capacity building with local governments.

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Seen and Heard

Seen and Heard is a research and engagement project with Brent Youth Parliament and the Blueprint Collective commissioned by Brent London Borough of Culture.

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Completed Advisory Projects

The Value Add by the Swiss Development Corporation (SDC) in Urbanising Contexts

SDC_Urbanisation_Report cover

A consultancy project carried out in partnership with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in  Lausanne evaluating the value add of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation’s activities in urbanising contexts.

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High Streets for All


High Streets for All is a research study commissioned by the Mayor of London and authored by LSE Cities and We Made That. The study takes one of the most commonplace experiences of the city – the high street – and uses the perspective of Londoners to understand its diverse economic, social and environmental benefits, collectively known as its ‘social value’. 

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Innovation in Europe's Cities

innovation in europe's cities cover

LSE Cities provided input to Bloomberg Philanthropies on the political and demographic make-up of selected European cities, and completed an objective assessment of the innovation level shown by the shortlisted proposals.

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Randstad | South East England Regional Study

the tale of two regions book cover

The study investigated how regional authorities in the Randstad and South East England can promote access to both jobs and open space for all income groups, how planners should respond to moderate economic growth or even decline and how metropolitan areas can become more viable and sustainable places to live and work.

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Copenhagen | Green Economy Leader Report

Copenhagen cover

Featuring a wealth of new research findings, the report shows how Copenhagen’s success is underpinned by a strong combination of the city’s green growth drivers. A number of these drivers rank among the best in Europe and the world, including the city’s compact urban form, strong innovation, high skills and employment, low carbon emissions, and improved environmental quality.

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Stockholm | Green Economy Leader Report

stockholm book book cover

Featuring a wealth of new research findings, the report shows how Stockholm benefits from a low-carbon energy system, a relatively compact centre with good public transport, and an innovation-led economy for developing smart city solutions and export markets of the future.

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Density and Urban Neighbourhoods in London


While focused on the issue of density in urban neighbourhoods and what makes them successful, this report also has practical lessons for the whole approach towards sustainable communities in the UK and internationally.

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