LSE Cities Report 2014-16

This is a new report on our activities from October 2014 to December 2016. Since 2014, LSE Cities has continued to work across a range of interdisciplinary projects that engage the broader social sciences with the culture, politics and spatial dynamics of cities. This report includes extracts from selected publications and research outputs, an overview of all the public lectures and seminars we hosted, as well as information on our projects, staff, advisers, governing board members and students.

Major highlights include:

Celebrating the first decade of collaboration with the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft (AHG) with the launch of a new Urban Age digital platform and the high-profile Urban Age Global Debates in London.

Two Urban Age conferences in Delhi and Venice.

Strong international partnerships with United Nations’ Habitat III and La Biennale di Venezia by coordinating research efforts and curating a major public exhibition.

New collaborations across LSE – most notably with the International Growth Centre and the Kuwait Programme at the Middle East Centre.

A number of our flagship programmes – including the New Climate Economy, Super-diverse StreetsTheatrum Mundi and the New Urban Governance project – have expanded.

Our virtual presence continues to grow, with around 30,000 visits per month to the LSE Cities websites. We have over 29,000 Twitter followers, 13,000 Facebook followers and 11,500 subscribers to our newsletters.

A strong local presence within the School and in London, hosting over 45 public lectures, seminars and workshops during the last two years.

Our researchers have made over 126 contributions to books, publications and reports, including articles in peer-reviewed journals such as The LancetUrban StudiesEthnic and Racial StudiesPublic CultureInternational Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Environmental Science & PolicyTransportation Research Part AEnvironment and Planning BAntipodePublic Management ReviewSociology, and Transport Policy.

Junior and senior researchers have made over 200 presentations to national and international conferences, workshops and seminars, consolidating the Centre’s reputation as a resource of urban research and ideas.