Unconditional offer

Please note: Any official offer will come from Graduate Admissions on secure paper bearing a watermark, hologram, microtext and UV reactive ink.

No documents left to submit

In this case, your offer has been made on the basis of the documents that you have sent us and we do not require any further proof of your qualifications, test scores or other documents.

Please submit the financial undertaking form which will be linked to your LSE for You account once you have an offer.

If your fees are being paid by an organisation other than LSE, please give full details and obtain the signature of the responsible person. You should upload a scanned copy of your letter of award to attach to the form.

You will also be asked to outline a personal payment plan (PPP) indicating the number, dates and size of instalments you intend to pay. The Fees Office publishes information regarding fee payments.

You should submit the financial undertaking form to the graduate admissions office before 31st July.

You should also remember to submit the offer reply form via the application tracker.

Some documents outstanding

In this case your offer has been made on the basis of the information you have sent, but we are still waiting for official proof of some or all of your documents.

We will accept digital documents (eg Higher Education Degree Datacheck, HEDD or Higher Education Achievement Record, HEAR) as long as they come directly from your institution, but not if we receive them forwarded from your email address.

If you are posting hard copies of documents, we must receive the original document or a copy which has been certified (by stamp and signature) by your institution or local British Council. Faxed documents are insufficient.

Document must be in English or accompanied with official translations.

Please send your official documents as soon as possible, or bring them with you to registration.

Please be aware that we may request additional documentation if the documents you send do not meet our requirements. We may also seek independent verification of certain documents, as a part of our commitment to preventing fraud.

Please see more details on our page for Confirming your offer.