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Everyone is welcome to attend LSE's public events, where some of the most influential figures in the social sciences can be heard.

Professor Barry Buzan

The Paradox of China's Peaceful Rise|
LSE IDEAS ‘China and the World’ public lecture

Speaker: Professor Barry Buzan
Discussant: Professor Arne Westad
Date: Tuesday 7 October, 6.30pm

Dr Jo Guldi

The History Manifesto|
British Government @ LSE public lecture

Speakers: Professor David Armitage, Dr Jo Guldi, Professor Simon Szreter
Date: Wednesday 8 October, 6.30pm

London Bridge Ensemble

London Bridge Ensemble|
LSE Arts lunchtime concert

Date: Thursday 9 October, 1.05pm

Ross Garnaut cr Coombs Photography

Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy in the Twenty First Century|
LSE-University of Melbourne public lecture

Speaker: Professor Ross Garnaut
Date: Thursday 9 October, 6.30pm





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