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Everyone is welcome to attend LSE's public events, where some of the most influential figures in the social sciences can be heard.

Events Leaflet Spring 2015

NEWLY ANNOUNCED EVENTS include a lecture by Kaushik Basu|, Eric Ries| and Professor David Linden|.

EVENT RESCHEDULED: Lecture by Yannis Stournaras| scheduled for 12 February will now take place on Wednesday 25 March.

LSE Space for Thought Literary Festival 2015| will be taking place from Monday 23 - Saturday 28 February with the theme 'Foundations', browse the flipbook pdf|.

LSE has introduced wireless for guests and visitors in association with 'The Cloud'|

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Professor Nicky Marsh

"My Purse, My Person": money and identity|
LSE Department of Sociology Literary Festival discussion

Speakers: David Birch, Professor Nigel Dodd, Tom Hockenhull, Professor Nicky Marsh
Date: Thursday 26 February, 6.30-8pm

Maya Jaggi

High Culture and the Western Canon: has the fightback begun?|
LSE European Institute Literary Festival discussion

Speakers: Professor Sarah Churchwell, Jonty Claypole, Maya Jaggi, Frederic Raphael
Date: Friday 27 February, 12-1.30pm

Owen Sheers

Why Remember?|
LSE Department of Social Psychology 50th Anniversary Literary Festival discussion

Speakers: Lisa Appignanesi, Darian Leader, Owen Sheers
Date: Saturday 28 February, 11am-12.30pm

Aleks Krotoski

Digital Personhood and Identity|
LSE Literary Festival discussion

Speakers: Luke Dormehl, Aleks Krotoski, Professor Sonia Livingstone, Professor Andrew Murray
Date: Saturday 28 February, 1-2.30pm

Polly Coles cr Laurie Lewis

The Stones of Venice: foundations and future|
Theatrum Mundi LSE Literary Festival discussion

Speakers: Polly Coles, Jane da Mosto, Liza Fior, Jonathan Keates
Date: Saturday 28 February, 5-6.30pm





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