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Welcome to the Department of Statistics at the London School of Economics & Political Science. The department enjoys a vibrant research environment and offers a comprehensive programme of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Statistics.

The Department of Statistics offers a comprehensive programme of seminars throughout the year, including the statistics seminars series, joint statistics and econometrics seminars and the London Mathematical Finance seminars. You can find further details here|, along with an archive of our past seminars and details of workshops, conferences and other special events.
Methods for longitudinal data analysis in the social sciences
Monday 8 September 2014, 10:00 – 18:00 (followed by drinks reception and buffet dinner)

This event is sponsored by the LEMMA node of the ESRC National Centre of Research Methods|, and is organised by Fiona Steele| (LSE) and Paul Clarke| (University of Essex).

Please view the conference website here|.
*** Limited additional places are now available to attend this conference. Please email Ian Marshall| if you would like to reserve a place ***
Nonlinear time series analysis - thresholding and beyond: a conference in honour of Professor Howell Tong to celebrate his 70th birthday
Friday 19 and Saturday 20 September 2014

On the occasion of Professor Howell Tong's 70th birthday, LSE will host this conference to celebrate the research achievement and the applications in nonlinear time series and related areas by bringing together experts, scholars and young researchers from around the world.

Please view the conference website here|.
Risk and Stochastics Conference 2015
Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 April 2015

This two-day conference celebrates the 70th birthday of Professor Ragnar Norberg and acknowledges his academic achievements; in particular, his legacy at LSE, which is primarily but not solely due to the Risk and Stochastics enterprise, which he was instrumental in founding and which has conspicuously placed the School on the world map in the areas of modern actuarial and financial mathematics and their interface.

Please view the conference website here|.
Columbia House 
BSc Actuarial Science|,  BSc Business Mathematics and Statistics|, BSc Statistics with Finance|

The department has three undergraduate degrees that involve the applications of statistics to the social sciences, and include a range of statistical and mathematical subjects.
Columbia House 
MSc Statistics|MSc Statistics (Financial Statistics),| MSc Risk and Stochastics|

Our taught postgraduate courses are based around lectures, with problem classes and computer workshops. Most courses are assessed by a two-hour exam in the summer term although some contain an element of course work.
Columbia House 
MPhil/PhD in Statistics|

Research programmes are designed to produce professional social scientists, well versed in a range of advanced statistical techniques and methods, in addition to having an in-depth knowledge of a particular area.

For further information about research areas in social statistics, please visit the new Social Statistics group website, here|.




Research in Risk and Stochastics|
The current members of the Risk and Stochastics group are Beatrice Acciaio, Pauline Barrieu, Erik Baurdoux, Luciano Campi, Umut Cetin, Angelos Dassios, Kostas Kardaras and Hao Xing.

Research in Social Statistics|
The current members of the Social Statistics group are Wicher Bergsma, Sara Geneletti, Kostas Kalogeropoulos, Jouni Kuha, Irini Moustaki, Chris Skinner and Fiona Steele.

Research in Time Series
The current members of the Time Series group are Matteo Barigozzi, Piotr Fryzlewicz, Kostas Kalogeropoulos, Clifford Lam, Leonard Smith and Qiwei Yao