Popper Seminars

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All seminars are in LAK.2.06 in the Lakatos Building at LSE from 2pm to 3.30pm.

Summer Term 2014

Tuesday 10th June – 2pm in LAK2.06

Prof Wlodek Rabinowicz (Lund)

Title: From Values to Probabilities

Abstract: Setting off from the Fitting-Attitude analysis of value (FA-analysis), according to which to be valuable is to be a fitting object of a pro-attitude, I proposed some years ago an account of value relations which makes room both for incommensurability in value and for potential vagueness in value comparisons (Rabinowicz 2008). In my talk, I will shortly recapitulate this account, but I will then move on to suggest that one might adopt an analysis of probability that is structurally similar to the FA-analysis of value. Indeed, many probability theorists at least from Poisson onwards did adopt an analysis of this kind. This makes it possible to formally model probability relations in essentially the same way as I have modelled value relations. One of the implications of the model is that we get a new account of Keynesian incommensurable probabilities and of potential vagueness in probability comparisons.