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Professor Richard Bradley

  Richard Bradley joined the Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method here at the LSE in 1997. Currently both leader of the Managing Severe Uncertainty| project and Deputy Head of Department, he describes his background as follows:

I became interested in philosophy while studying economics, politics and sociology at the University of Witwatersrand, in Johannesburg. As a way of moving from the social sciences to philosophy, I did an MSc in Social Philosophy at the LSE, and then, after a two-year break from university studies (more than enough), went on to the University of Chicago to do my PhD. At Chicago I developed an interest in the connection between rationality and the interpretation of behaviour, working initially with Jon Elster and Russell Hardin, and then, as my research focused on problems in decision theory, more actively with Richard Jeffrey and David Malament. My PhD thesis presented a decision theory that incorporated a quantitative representation of agent's attitudes to the sorts of conditional possibilities identified by indicative conditional sentences.

After Chicago I moved to Paris, where I spent a number of years as a post-doc at the CREA. I joined the department at LSE in 1997 and have become involved mainly with the Philosophy and Economics degree programs here. I continue to do research in decision theory, hypothetical reasoning and the logic of conditionals, but have new interests in the foundations of both Social Choice and Game Theory. Studying the latter are steps in my longer term research goal of understanding the structure and dynamics of different types of rational social interaction.

Areas of expertise:

  • Decision Theory
  • Hypothetical reasoning
  • Foundations of economic and social theory

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  • In the first video below, Richard discusses his research interests. The second is about the MSc Philosophy of the Social Sciences.