Why is doping wrong anyway?

17 August 2016|

Most sports ban certain performance-enhancing drugs and penalise those who use them. But is the use of these drugs morally wrong? Heather Dyke looks at the ethics of doping.

Negotiating with Myself

8 June 2016|

Can the concept of “temporal selves” help us understand temptation and restraint? Johanna Thoma on self-negotiation.

LSE Philosophy ranked 5th in Guardian University Guide

24 May 2016|

The Guardian University Guide 2017 has ranked LSE 5th in the country for philosophy

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    Decision Theory with a Human Face: an interview with Richard Bradley

Decision Theory with a Human Face: an interview with Richard Bradley

18 May 2016|

Richard Bradley’s written a new book about decision theory. We decided to ask him some questions about it.

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    New for 2016/7 – Effective Philanthropy: Ethics and Evidence

New for 2016/7 – Effective Philanthropy: Ethics and Evidence

17 May 2016|

Starting in 2016/7, our new course will provide the ideal introduction to the key philosophical issues surrounding philanthropy.

Department recognised for quality of teaching

12 May 2016|

Research students, staff and the Department as a whole were among those recognised by this year’s LSE Teaching Awards.

LSE Philosophy welcomes Campbell Brown and Johanna Thoma

5 May 2016|

We’re pleased to announce the appointment of two new Assistant Professors, Campbell Brown and Johanna Thoma, who will be joining us in September.

Towards a fairer distribution of refugees

28 April 2016|

With the current refugee crisis showing no sign of abating, a fair and efficient method for distributing people to different countries is urgently needed. In this post, Philippe van Basshuysen looks at matching systems.

LSE Philosophy ranked among the UK’s top three

26 April 2016|

For the sixth consecutive year, The Complete University Guide has placed LSE Philosophy in the top three philosophy departments in the country.

John Worrall tells his Tales from Houghton Street

15 April 2016|

Listen to John Worrall recounting his early days at the School in this recording from the LSE’s Tales from Houghton Street oral history project.