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    The scientific limits of understanding complex social phenomena

The scientific limits of understanding complex social phenomena

9 January 2017|

Can we give accurate scientific explanations for social phenomena? In this post, CPNSS Research Fellow Alexander Krauss looks at the proposed link between economic inequality and democratic change.

New video: The LSE Philosophy MSc Programmes

16 December 2016|

In a brand new LSE video, staff, students and graduates discuss our world-leading philosophy MSc programmes and give an insight into the unique atmosphere of the department.

Universal health coverage case studies published

13 December 2016|

Further to his role in the WHO’s Consultative Group on Equity and Universal Health Coverage, Alex Voorhoeve has published three case studies to illustrate how the groups findings can guide practical decision making.

Providing aid and foreseeing harm

6 December 2016|

Should we be blamed for the negative consequences of otherwise wholly good acts? Tom Rowe considers the moral risks faced by aid givers.

Moral Mathematics: an interview with Campbell Brown

1 November 2016|

Campbell Brown is one of the most recent additions to our faculty. We thought we’d welcome him to the Department with some questions.

Graduate Applications for 2017/8 now open

10 October 2016|

Apply now for our world-leading MSc and MPhil/PhD programmes. Programmes start September 2017.

Fair Shares and Degrees of Inequality

22 September 2016|

What does justice demand of individuals in an unjust society? Chris Marshall considers the personal implications of distributive justice.

Why is doping wrong anyway?

17 August 2016|

Most sports ban certain performance-enhancing drugs and penalise those who use them. But is the use of these drugs morally wrong? Heather Dyke looks at the ethics of doping.

Negotiating with Myself

8 June 2016|

Can the concept of “temporal selves” help us understand temptation and restraint? Johanna Thoma on self-negotiation.

LSE Philosophy ranked 5th in Guardian University Guide

24 May 2016|

The Guardian University Guide 2017 has ranked LSE 5th in the country for philosophy