The courses broadened my knowledge of philosophy, particularly of the questions in moral and political philosophy that underlie current public policy debates. The programme mainly concentrates on these underlying philosophical questions rather than on particular policies, which makes its contents much more applicable across different countries and over time than would otherwise be the case. Moreover, at the LSE, there is no shortage of resources or opportunities to learn about any particular policy in detail.

Writing a dissertation allowed me to deepen my understanding of my main area of interest (the ethical aspects of health policy), to find the specific questions that interest me the most, and to be sure that I wanted to go on to doctoral studies. In addition, and very importantly, this degree made me a competitive candidate for doctoral programmes. After working for a year as a journalist and in a think tank, I am now about to start a PhD in Health Policy with a concentration in Ethics at Harvard University, where I hope to continue thinking about the questions I began to focus on during the MSc.

The faculty and my fellow students made my year at LSE as enjoyable as it was educational. The faculty members are extremely approachable, supportive and generous with their time and advice, not only about the coursework and the programme itself but also about further study and career options.