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Lakatos lectures

To commemorate Lakatos’s 90th birthday anniversary in November 2012, audio recordings of two of his last LSE Scientific Method lectures are provided here. In the 1973 Michaelmas (Autumn) term Lakatos gave a series of 8 lectures on scientific method, all but one of which were recorded. But only recordings of his two lectures 6 and 7 made by Alex Bellamy have survived.  These two are ‘Popper and the rules of the game of science’ (6) and ‘Falsification and intellectual honesty’ (7). To hear them just click on the following links:

Transcripts of these lectures are held in the LSE Library Lakatos Archive in its catalogue items Lakatos 9/1. They will also be provided here soon. But meanwhile their transcripts and further explications can also be found published in 'For and Against Method: Lakatos and Feyerabend'  Ed. Matteo Motterlini, Chicago University Press 1999, on its pages 64f  and 84f.