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Ludwig M Lachmann Research Fellowship

This Research Fellowship was established to commemorate the name of the late Professor Ludwig M Lachmann, who formerly held the Leon Fellowship of the University of London, while studying at the LSE (1938-40). His widow, Mrs Margot Lachmann, established a trust, the Charlottenburg Trust, with sufficient endowment to fund the Research Fellowship in perpetuity.

The Research Fellowship is open to leading researchers working at the post-doctoral level in the field of economics, including the philosophical aspects of economics and/or the "Austrian School of Economics".

The particular area of research to be undertaken by each fellow will be for him or her to choose and the relevance and viability of research proposals submitted by applicants for the fellowship will be evaluated by the Selection Committee, bearing in mind that the Research Fellow will be required during the period of tenure to complete work forming the basis of a publication.

The Fellowship will be tenable for a period of up to three years. For exceptionally well qualified candidates the appointment may be made on a flexible working arrangement.

The Fellowship will be awarded through competition in accordance with the School's normal appointments procedure, conducted by the Management Committee/Standing Selection Committee.

The Research Fellow will be located in the Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method and will work under the general direction of the Convenor of the Department.

The Research Fellow will be required to produce an annual report on his or her work for submission, via the Convenor of the Department, to the Charlottenburg Trust.